f(x)Wallet v3.0 Beta Test: Try Out Before Official Release

Take part in shaping the next releases of f(x)Wallet by letting us know what you think.

Things you need for the test:

  • Your mobile phone
  • Internet connection
  • Beta version of f(x)Wallet v3.0

Live environment
blockchain Mainnet/Testnet
Test Period
June 2nd to June 9th


Step 1. Download and install the Beta version of v3.0 to your device
Step 2. Pick the features you’re interested in from the Features To Try Out List below and try them out on your own
Step 3. Fill out the Feedback Form

Test Guide


Beta Download

:warning: Note: Once installed, this beta version will replace the live version.
If you already have the live app of f(x)Wallet installed on your device, do NOT uninstall the live version.

  • Do back up your memory phrase of the live version

:information_source: Requirements
:point_right: Device requirement: Mobile phones that support fingerprint and/or facial recognition. Laptops, tablets or simulators are not supported.
:point_right: OS requirement: Android 7.0 to 13 | iOS 13.0 and later
:point_right: Internet requirement: Internet connection is a must. Make sure your device is using mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Feedback Form

We are eager to receive your feedback and suggestions regarding v3.0.
Share with us what you think of v3.0 here

· Bug Report

Recommended to attach the screenshot/video to illustrate the issue you’ve encountered. This also helps our testing engineers to reproduce and identify the issue as fast as possible.
Report your bug here

Features To Try Out

:warning: If you would like to try out Send/Receive or f(x)Bridge(no.3, no.4 and no.6 below), it is recommended to use testcoins.

1. Create wallet and wallet safety

Actions to complete:

2.Manage multiple wallets and addresses

Actions to complete:

  • Switch from one wallet to another on My Wallet page
  • Toggle the switch to add a blockchain to be your wallet
  • Pick one wallet address and add a name tag to it

3. Make transfers

:warning: It is not allowed to make cross-chain transfers in Send.

Actions to complete:

4. Receive transfers

Actions to complete:

5. Wallet back up & Restore

Actions to complete:

6. Make cross-chain transfers

Actions to complete

7. Dapps & Favorites

Actions to complete:

  • Go to Dapp Center by the bottom navbar
  • Select a Dapp, Mark the Dapp to add it to your Favorites

  • Add more Dapps to your Favorites
  • Manage your Favorites: drag and drop to adjust the Dapps display order or remove some Dapp

How can we get test tokens ?



You can do so from StarScan.



I can’t see any connection to FXG fox gaming NFT trade, we have access to the coin & trade through FxSwap, but why is there no connection to their services should be a fixed info link in the wallet permanently, other wise it’s clean easy to find stuff, and seems simpler to use, Only big thing i’ll miss is the big fat over all value of all wallets at the top of the screen.

I don’t have a google account so I can’t fill in the feedback form

processes done so far :- Update of original running wallet, No Issue’s
:- 2.Manage multiple wallets and addresses, No Issue’s
:- checked delegations showing correctly of the FX app section (Nice) , No Issue’s


I have downloaded the 3.0 beta wallet and I would like to put it in testnet mode, how should I do it? I put it like this, am I correct?

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Please test in mainnet. Fees very low.
I did in both of them. You can do it in mainnet


Everything is working good on 3.0 i did not seen any bugs.
I just want more color on wallet page and blokchain page. And this pages is notsimple to use new users 2.5 is looks better than now
Keep blockchain pages like in 2.5


The wallet is excellent. Loads quicker… It seems so. Lovely, absolutely amazing wallet. No issues. It is just getting better and better. Great job devs.

No bugs detected - using android 13.

-Its very well organised
-favorite dApps displayed nicely at the top and adjustable

-more characters (25 chars) for wallet descriptions. (still 10 for contact book, that could be flexible, but not serious issue)

  • fx Eco main dapps in one location, easily found and the option to change view type.

-brilliant addition of gas fees display when sending

-message tab can be at top next to camera scan, allowing something else there if needed for later eg all favourite tabs right there…

-the only thing I can recommend and have it completely future proof is this, from the main landing page (where all assets are) it would be great if one keeps scrolling to the bottom of the assets, but it changes to your order of blockchain (you have set, or not doesn’t matter) but it keeps showing all holdings on your wallet, without having to tap the blockchain selection tab at the top again. On in way the method you used for the all Dapp Centre, you keep scrolling down and it automatically changes from airdrop, DeFi, game, nft etc etc.

The form is not working, plz see pic

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Will we have the pxcard enabled as a private transaction signature at some point?

:scream: sorry for form not working. the access permission was corrected. now everyone could view the form and share with us what you think of v3.0

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I propose adding a new function for account import. Like Metamask… (Wallet with other recovery code)
I mean private key imported accounts. a completely different wallet.

I like the features of the fx wallet, so I want to use it in conjunction also other wallets in addition to my existing wallet.