FOX COIN Proposal - Ecosystem Genesis Fund


Project name: ----FOX COIN----
Number of $FX requested: 50,000 $FX;

Fund usage: developing Community-APP, mobile game , fix costs

fund distribution and milestones:

  • compensate costs: 12,500 $FX (costs for servers, homepage, domain and other fix costs"
  • app developing: 12,500 $FX
  • kick off marketing campain: 12,500 $FX
  • mobile game developing: 12,500 $FX

Name of the proposal: FOX COIN

Benefit to Function X:

  1. providing a community based “meme-coin” to grow the community around function X.
  2. community mobile app for android and iOs. bringing.
  3. attracting new investors for function x and other listed projects on fx blockchain.
  4. developing mobile game with ingame store (currency: FX, FXUSD, FOX)


  1. announcement channel for all projects from Function X and also FX itself.

  2. private messenger for app users to provide cross-project community “we are one” mentality for “Function X community”

  3. mobile game with ingame shop using also FX as currency.

  4. Attachments:


  1. head of project

Loil: known in the community of PundiX and FunctionX for years. being on the rollercoaster since 2017/2018 early adopter. slight_smile.

Born: 1991 in Heidelberg, Germany.

  • owning two financial companys in germany.

Preview APP - Alpha Version 0.1

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Disclaimer: This poll is just a tool to get the sentiment around this proposal and it will NOT affect on-chain voting in any way. If your proposal is getting a good sentiment around the community, it might signal that the proposal is good to go to the next phase, otherwise, some modifications might be necessary.

  • YES
  • NO

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#1 Telegram: Telegram: Contact @foxcoinhole
#2 Instagram Fox Coin (@officialfoxcoin) • Instagram photos and videos


thumbs up… i didnt know you were german. where are you living right now? i am from hamburg

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Looks like i will play with foxes later


living near the wonderful city of heidelberg <3

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Hope we all do :slight_smile:


got me support :mechanical_arm:

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what kind of a game are ya thinking ?

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There are two ideas we are figuring out. :bulb:

  1. A TCG including rar NFT - you can trade or sell
  2. A version of “plant vs zombies”

Update - 20.08.2021 Onepager


Nice Idea Dude. I wish you good luck!

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The reason I invested in Pundi/Fx is because projects are focused on real life use and creating value. This proposal goes against the core values of this ecosystem. So, for me it will be a no!

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We worked a lot. Right now we hold “Seed Investor Round”.
Only 14 spots are left, and over 70% of seed round tokens are already sold.

Go check our homepage:

We made huge progress so far :).
Be a part of the “Fifty Fox Club” and earn unique NFT.

Some very nice drawings.
PS: the twitter logo on the site doesn’t bring me to your twitter page!

Hello!) Tell me please! how does the marketplace work? Did I place a bet? or bought nft?) Coins were debited from the account.


As it is an auction, it will be sold to the highest bidder through ‘Make Offer’.

To find out if you are the highest and final bidder, you will need to wait until the countdown comes to an end.

From the picture you’ve provided, the current offer is 3000 FXG. To overtake the current bidder, you can either bid higher or stop if you think it’s over your budget.


In the mobile version. There is no countdown. And your screenshot says that the auction ends on January 7th)

The screenshot is only an example of when an auction is going on, as reference.

From the new picture you’ve just posted, it appears that NFT #15 is unlisted. This means it’s not for sale, and you can’t bid for it unless the owner lists it.

I suggest you filter and choose ‘Recently Listed’ and choose the listed NFTs from there.

cc @Fox_Coin - IIRC, the Fox team will be making tutorials on how to use their marketplace soon.

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Understood!). but not really!
It turns out that:
The auction has ended.
This NFT is no longer for sale, but you can still place a bet.
The tokens have been debited. And what does it mean? did they just disappear?

Thank you very much for your feedback and help with information!)

It’s not for sale, but you can still offer a price. Like any other item sale in the real world.
If your price is enticing enough, it may prompt the owner to sell it. Otherwise, it is only an offer.

It’s not that the auction has ended, it isn’t listed for sale. But collectors can still view and/or make an offer on an unlisted NFT.

For example:

  • You want to buy a house
  • House owner didn’t list his house for sale
  • You offered $10 million for his house, even though it’s not listed
  • House owner accepts it (or he can reject/ignore, it’s up to the owner)

“Bidding” means there’s a live auction going on.

  • You are competing against other bidders
  • The highest bidder wins

“Offer” can mean a few things:

  • It isn’t listed, but you still want to attach a price tag to it, so you make an offer.
  • It’s for sale, but there’s no fixed price, so you make an offer.
  • Etc.