FOX COIN Proposal - Ecosystem Genesis Fund


Project name: ----FOX COIN----
Number of $FX requested: 50,000 $FX;

Fund usage: developing Community-APP, mobile game , fix costs

fund distribution and milestones:

  • compensate costs: 12,500 $FX (costs for servers, homepage, domain and other fix costs"
  • app developing: 12,500 $FX
  • kick off marketing campain: 12,500 $FX
  • mobile game developing: 12,500 $FX

Name of the proposal: FOX COIN

Benefit to Function X:

  1. providing a community based “meme-coin” to grow the community around function X.
  2. community mobile app for android and iOs. bringing.
  3. attracting new investors for function x and other listed projects on fx blockchain.
  4. developing mobile game with ingame store (currency: FX, FXUSD, FOX)


  1. announcement channel for all projects from Function X and also FX itself.

  2. private messenger for app users to provide cross-project community “we are one” mentality for “Function X community”

  3. mobile game with ingame shop using also FX as currency.

  4. Attachments:


  1. head of project

Loil: known in the community of PundiX and FunctionX for years. being on the rollercoaster since 2017/2018 early adopter. slight_smile.

Born: 1991 in Heidelberg, Germany.

  • owning two financial companys in germany.

Preview APP - Alpha Version 0.1

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  • YES
  • NO

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#1 Telegram: Telegram: Contact @foxcoinhole
#2 Instagram Fox Coin (@officialfoxcoin) • Instagram photos and videos


thumbs up… i didnt know you were german. where are you living right now? i am from hamburg

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Looks like i will play with foxes later


living near the wonderful city of heidelberg <3

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Hope we all do :slight_smile:


got me support :mechanical_arm:

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what kind of a game are ya thinking ?

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There are two ideas we are figuring out. :bulb:

  1. A TCG including rar NFT - you can trade or sell
  2. A version of “plant vs zombies”

Update - 20.08.2021 Onepager


Nice Idea Dude. I wish you good luck!

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The reason I invested in Pundi/Fx is because projects are focused on real life use and creating value. This proposal goes against the core values of this ecosystem. So, for me it will be a no!

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We worked a lot. Right now we hold “Seed Investor Round”.
Only 14 spots are left, and over 70% of seed round tokens are already sold.

Go check our homepage:

We made huge progress so far :).
Be a part of the “Fifty Fox Club” and earn unique NFT.

Some very nice drawings.
PS: the twitter logo on the site doesn’t bring me to your twitter page!