Fox Validator - Official announcements

Good morning everybody🦊,

Fox Validator will use this thread as official announcement channel.

We will update you on every event happening to our validator.



Located in the US EAST. 4Cores CPU, 8GB RAM and 1TB SSD over AWS.

Backup located in EUROPE. 4Cores CPU, 8GB RAM and 1TB SSD over IONOS.

Let’s go :fox_face:-Army!

Best regards

Loil :fox_face:


:fox_face::fire: Fox Validator Lottery :fire::fox_face:

We are close to 5,000,000 delegated FX​:fire::fox_face:!

Now it’s time to celebrate :tada: the decentralize afford from the Function X Foundation!

Help us reach the next milestone and participate on our Lottery!

The prize pool depends on the delegated FX on 31th March 2022!

10,000,000FX delegated =
5,000 FX🥇200,000FXG

7,500,000FX delegated =
2,500 FX🥇100,000FXG

6,000,000FX delegated =

Every delegator automatically participate in the lottery! :tada::tada:

Fox :fox_face: is not only a Validator!
We creating an NFT marketplace based on FX Chain!

Read & discuss our pre-proposal on FX Forum:

Join the :fox_face: Army !