Is the FXG project over?

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When FoxGaming was asked about the status of the project, they basically replied that it was the responsibility of the function x team to grow the community.

I think it’s wrong for them to think that, because it’s their responsibility to grow the project, take responsibility and do marketing. The whole point of launching a blockchain project is to attract the public with the novelty.

But well, looking at the statistics of the site and the foxexchange contract, I would say that if the project is dead, they just don’t want to accept it.

This should also be an experience for a next governance vote, we can’t just say yes to any project that comes to ask for EGF.

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But fx need ecosystems, for now fx have no ecosystem
Life or dead blockchain is determined by ecosystem

Dapp, defi, nft, game, metaverse

The popularity or publicity and success of #FXG is directly linked to how much the #FX ecosystem grows.
If the Fx ecosystem is unable to attract users, devs and popularity then who will be using NFTs on the Fx Core chain? FXG can’t go anywhere if Fx Core is unpopular or unable to grow the ecosystem.