Function X - Ecosystem code safety and audits

Hello everyone!

With the recent extremely public hacks that happened on Thor chain I am wondering what steps the team is taking to learn from the seemingly obvious mistakes that allowed the hacker to make off with the funds in that exploit.

Here is a great summary for those who have not read into it.

Is there a blockchain security auditing firm the team plans to employ? What gates of testing are being used currently?

I hope this other chains failure can elevate function x to its proper place as I have extreme trust in the competency of the team, but would still like to hear about the measures being taken to secure our projects code!


Can Pundi X and Function X get audits from CertiK or other famous auditors?

I understand the concerns, but as we see in many projects, the audits don’t mean much.
Some with 3/4 audits and are hacked anyway…

Team just have to work to make the function x as secure as possible

Amount of coins staked wont matter if there’s a bug.

Staking secures the network from certain attacks but this is a bug exploit, not an attack. Get an audit internally but don’t release it.

ThorChain literally told everyone what their bugs were and they got exploited.

I personally feel like the thor chain exploit feels very “inside job” to me.

I still feel like audits are worth the effort because living in a echo chamber internally doesnt help anyone. It can still catch potential oversights or other honest mistakes.