Function X foundation should try and host the ECB digital euro project

The ECB just announced their bid to create a digital version of the euro. I think this is great opportunity to pitch hosting the project on a blockchain running on functionX, especially given the need to an extreme TPS most other blockchains can’t deliver to keep up with eu wide mass transactions.
the article made clear its not yet decided if its going to be a blockchain, but i think a case can be made.
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Inmagine, FunctionX hosting the D-euro coin and payment infrastructure, and in the process also getting an EU wide governmental thumbs up against all other blockchain project which might face a hard time against legislators.


This is not a criticism but I think a project like this would be too ambitious for a brand new blockchain that hasn’t really been put through the paces in terms of the load it can carry. We wouldn’t want to take it on ans have the network crash because it couldn’t handle the load. Just my thoughts

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Fair point. It would need some testing and possible dedicating calculation power to ensure its capacity. Would be the biggest project of pundi since the chain itself.
Given the power of tps the project has compared to other chains my guess is that it won’t be the biggest issue

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Pundi is the only one to have a payment system in the real world working for over 3 years while stuck on eth network, they are the only system that’s done real world crypto testing in payment systems which is designed for these purposes, On Fx chain their system will be invincible; no other blockchain is more qualified; as the payment system is not the blockchain the blockchain will enhance the current fully working payment system for over 3 years!