Function X January Hash Out Understanding EVM

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ok I have the fx core connected to my metamask, Now am I supposed to be able to connect / add wallets from My FX wallet app or this just enables us to send FX Core test coins to the fx compatible wallet we created in MetaMask

what is the network on metamask fx testnet
fxcore or eth network

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you can import your fx wallet to metamask. googling for importing wallet.

“Fxcore Dhobyghaut” or something you give the network name.

I don’t think so; that is not explained in this document only how the connect fx test net, your not really answering Ivan’s question either


ok, it can be seen on the rpc url

thanks but your not helping, I’ll wait for an admin responce

You can use the fx testnet to get some coins using the Testnet faucet. And then test using those coins on some testnet Dapp. These are the available testnet Dapps: Uniswap clone, pancakeswap clone, etc.
And as a developer you can create and test your own Dapps/coins.

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yes I understand that, still not the answers to our questions thankyou for trying though

Hello, apologies for the delayed response. As of now if you import your already existing wallet on the FX wallet app into MetaMask the 0x address that you get in MetaMask is something separate from your f(x)wallet address. However with the upgrade we have been working on as seen in this thread, the 0x address will be connected to the new fx address (after migration), and the funds you have will also appear on the 0x address. Hope this answer helps