Function X on Osmosis

Hi all,

As you all know, the proposal to request liquidity for Osmosis (proposal #45) is currently live.

In the meantime, we are starting to introduce our project to the Osmosis community. Please support Function X by helping to comment on or promote our project here.

Thank you!


The proposal applying ~$500,000 in FX as liquidity on Osmosis, the biggest DEX on the Cosmos ecosystem has Passed Quorum; strap on your Moon Boots :rocket::full_moon_with_face:


Hi @indra
Is there any updates for this proposal?


Thanks for asking, we will add the liquidity soon.


Hi @FxWorldValidator,

Fyi, there is a technical problem when I want to open a pool on Osmosis, currently working with the team to fix it asap.

It will be added once its fixed.

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Thanks for the update :muscle:

it looks like we still have some difficulties to open a pool on Osmosis, right?

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Just wait fx soon moon🚀

Hi FxWorld, great timing.

We just fixed the frontend issue with the Osmosis team, and FX has shown on the frontend (need to register to fix the decimal on Osmosis).

For liquidity, we have added the initial liquidity, but it has not shown on the pool page. We will add the rest soon this week.


Hi @indra ,

We’re > 1 month since the proposal was approved.
Any news on the opening of the OSMO/FX LP ?


Hi FrenchXCore,

Apologies for the delay, there are some technical problem and it is under fixing.

Currently, the FX is not appeared yet on front page, will notify here once there is any update.


Thanks @indra !!

Hi guys, if u r wondering why FX pool hasn’t appeared yet, it’s because of the team wrapping up some high priority stuff. Thanks for ur understanding and will get it out before November ends!



Looking to add liquidity to osmo-fx but encountering issues with the bridge on the Fx wallet. Despite having around 300 Fx, it’s not detecting it.

Recently updated my Fx Wallet on Android. Could you please check from your end?

same issue on desktop

Hey @sinainthecity, this is not an issue.

From what I’ve observed, several of the community members experience this hurdle quite often.

  • Maybe it’s not intuitive enough

→ Click the red circle to choose your desired asset from the drop-down list - FX.

  • You have not chosen any asset which is why it doesn’t show any balance.

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Thank you for your response. I’ve just checked, and on my mobile, there’s no option to select Fx. On desktop, it’s impossible to input the amount.

No rush on my end, and I’m more than willing to provide feedback to the team for app improvements!

No worries.

For desktop, I assume everything’s fine now, right?

For Mobile, the option will only be greyed out in one scenario, which is if the receiving network doesn’t support FX, it will be grey.

  1. An example of greyed-out scenario:
  • From: FXCore
    To: Avalanche

In this case, FX will be greyed out because FX is not supported on Avalanche. You can only transfer FX to supported chains, like Ethereum.

  1. An example of correct scenario if you choose supported networks:

From: FXCore
To: Ethereum

You will see that the option is not greyed out anymore.

If you choose Osmosis (FX supported), I think only the desktop bridge works at the moment.

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I’m still encountering the same situation on both desktop and mobile.

Indeed, the initial purpose was to bridge on Osmosis. I’ve done it a few months ago, and it worked flawlessly back then.

You have to “Approve” first on the desktop to allow the bridge to send your tokens.

  1. Approve
  2. Bridge over