Function X staking

With Eth fees being very volatile a new staking is not good if 75m is not reached on June 15th.
Also with just 5000 function x holders 75m is not possible without full whale participation.
There were lots of issues with current stake.


Don’t worry, i will go to my bank today. the bank is closed ,so i think i can “withdraw” wherever i want :laughing: :joy:

Is not mandatory that we reach the75m until 15 June

Ppl are starting to pull out their FX tokens. 75M won’t be reached at the current pace. It’s already 1M less than yesterday.

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I’m just looking at my calender…

Claiming this week, and counting 19 weeks later…thats last week of October !!!

What happends the other 5 weeks till December 5th ?

I believe nothing, that’s just a deadline. After 5th December contract closes and unclaimed rewards will be forfeited.