FunctionX/PundiX explorer : proposals #7 in monday board

Hi everyone !

I would suggest an evolution of the FunctionX/PundiX webpage “proposals” page…
Beside being able to vote directly from the app, this webpage does not show up on mobile devices.
Proposal #1 : capability to vote directly from f(x)wallet
Proposal #2 : show the proposals page on mobile devices

Also, this page might induce users in error, leading to think a proposal is to be agreed, despite the quorum is not yet reached. Indeed, main page does not clearly shows that quorum is not yet reached.
Proposal #3 : warn users with strong “red” color what the quorum status and %age is currently

Thanks !


/sign and nothing to add here, thanks :slight_smile:

Previously reported at UI/Explorer: Proposals aren't listed on the mobile version

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@Chloechloe @Richard let’s make it a priority to allow proposals to be shown on mobile.


this will be added to the monday board and you can track it’s progress as item #7

I assume that proposal is a really low frequency feature, f(x)Wallet might too precious to make room for it. Why not try more Dapps and chains?