FunctionX : where to start?

Hi the FX family !

If you’re new into the FunctionX ecosystem, you might miss a bit of history…
This post, which will be updated in the future, aims to give you all important places where to find information related to the FunctionX project.

And if you don’t know me, I’m representing the FrenchXCore validator node. We’re seven friends who decided to invest a part of our time and money in this project led by the FunctionX foundation, which sits essentially in Singapore, Indonesia and a bit in Cyprus. We’re not directly related to the FunctionX foundation or their members in any way, beside investing in this project and talking with the team over usual networks.

As a start, you might use the main portal (link.
Most of the following are accessible thru that portal:

  1. the f(x)Wallet app, which you can download here for iOs or Android as well as on their respective stores, and from which you will be able to create or import an FX account (but also for other blockchains), migrate an legacy FX Classic account towards FX EVM, transfer tokens between multipleple blockchains(Ethereum, Bitcoin, FunctionX, Binance Smart Chain, MarginX, PundiX, Avalanche C, Polygon, Tron, Optimism, Arbitrum), participate to governance (vote), stake your tokens (with FrenchXCore :wink: ??) and earn almost 20% rewards, and even more dApps and things to do !
  2. the StarScan explorer accessible here, from which you can follow live FunctionX blocks, transactions, governance proposals, validators and main statistics - either FX Classic (addresses starting with fx1…) and FX EVM (addresses starting with 0x…) - and its currents subnets MarginX & PundiX. You can also bridge your tokens between multiple supported blockchains (Ethereum, Bitcoin, FunctionX, Binance Smart Chain, MarginX, PundiX, Avalanche C, Polygon, Tron, Optimism, Arbitrum).
  3. the FX Swap space, accessible here, totally decentralized and non-custodian, essential to swap tokens, buy $FX (or other) tokens, contribute to Liquidity Pools and Farms, and observe LP and farms statistics
  4. The Youtube FunctionX channel accessible here, including tutorials, etc.
  5. The MarginX DEX accessible here, first-in-the-world fully non-custodian, multichain, onchain and decentralized exchange (the orderbook is fully managed onchain). You can even train yourself with fake tokens ici.
  6. The NFT FoxChange marketplace, accessible here, 100% FunctionX, where to buy and trade your NFTs.
  7. The AlphaDay FunctionX dashboard, available here, where you’ll find a summary of all info related to the FunctionX ecosystem.
  8. The FunctionX GitBook documentation, available here, and especially its validator setup guide, and much more useful info to understand the FX blockchain, either for developers or potential partners (Ecosystem Genesis Fund - EGF)
  9. The FunctionX “Portfolio-X”, available here, which allows you to follow Live all your account positions (static, staking, pool, farming).
  10. The Ping technical dashboard, available here, showing all Live technical info about the FunctionX blockchain.
  11. Social Networks :
    a. Telegram: the broadcast channel (link) and the public chat (link)
    b. Twitter : FunctionX official (link), the “PundiX & FunctionX” community (link), and of course FrenchXCore-1 (link)
    c. LinkedIn : FunctionX official (link)
    d. Discord : there is a Discord space but it is currently disabled.
  12. And for curious developers, the FunctionX GitHub repository is available here, and contains most of the foundation projects, including the open-source blockchain, the FunctionX Javascript SDK, the FunctionX Python SDK and many other things…

Have a good time discovering !
And don’t hesitate to ask questions in this topic or thru a DM !

Welcome in the fam’,


nice work, that’s why FrenchXcore is also my favorite validator as a delegator … I have several validators so I can put more power in my vote :+1:


Great! Thank You for your work!!!


Thanks for your work! Its good.

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