FX airdrops?

Hi !

Just noticed this : Function X StarScan

Is this MarginX proceeding to airdrops ?? (between 0.5 and 2 $FX)


Don’t think so.

This address has been cross-chaining $100 back and forth for days.

  • He is receiving that +1 airdrop because it’s >$75 worth.
  • Then, he is swapping the airdropped FX to USDT.
  • Someone is farming the airdrop lmao.

What he is doing:

  1. Cost per tx to bridge into FX: $0.07
  2. He is transferring 12x of $100 = $0.84 total fee but earned 12 FX ($1.7)
  3. Bridge all $1200 back into BSC ( Cost 0.05428848 FX + $0.155 USDT = $0.1627 )
  4. Total fees paid: ~$1 / Total FX earned: ~$1.7
  5. Net Profit = $0.7 USDT per 12 batch of $100 (He swap to USDT after every 24 txs)

Sucking up the airdrop dry (supposedly for new users who enter our ecosystem)

pic is from 2 years ago when issue was raised to @Richard , not the first time users are trying to farm the airdrop

Every dollar you pay in fees, you earn $0.7 in USDT. (70% roi in a few minutes)

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The user has suddenly stopped cross-chaining after my comment. :thinking:

His Address

Someone is reading? :sweat_smile:

EDIT: he started again after this second comment

Ok, no big deal, then, but the team should have made thé airdrop unique for a given address…
Thx anyway !
It makes plenty of fees…