FX rewards for PundiX Chain

Purse was launched to incentivize delegators, users and validators for PundiX chain. Team is struggling to promote purse and give it recognition/monetary value.

FX chain was created to provide a feasible blockchain for PundiX network, which evolved into a project of its own.

Considering FX stemmed from PundiX, and PundiX is the first chain on FX network, can we not replace purse with FX as rewards for PundiX.


  1. Team efforts/resources will be focused on promoting 2 tokens , rather than 3
  2. FX distributed to merchants and XPOS users will increase visibility for FX token
  3. Fair earnings for PundiX validators
  4. PundiX delegators will have better incentive to delegate (this is currently a struggle)

I believe community will support allowing FX (ideally a portion from CSP) to be used for promoting both projects. And swapping purse with FX will reduce # of battles the team is currently fighting.

Thoughts ?

your knowledge of the ecosystem falls a little short, I’ll try to help you a bit, FX is for the main-net it’s the power and rewards for blocks created on fx core for tx blocks produced on that chain, the mechanism’s for that are calculated over 15years; for the soul purpose of the governance of the FX core solely created to house our main net eco system FX is the glue that binds everything PUNDIX. Purse is the rewards coin for PUNDI X Chain. it’s setting up for purposes around store rewards / customer loyalty rewards in the payments and chain networks thats the world they where created to exsit in, Fx is for the Core network, PUNDIX still advance in their original network doing the jobs they where set out for in the Payments network, there may be room for some sort of rewards from the fx chain but that would have to come from the community spend pool CSP, which is reserved for the building and growth of the main net chain, yes they are separate projects but they are symbiotic to each other Fx is the engine Pundix physical worker, they complement each other and have their set fundamental workings. PURSE is the reward of PUNDIX because no more PUNDIX will be minted, Fx is not available to PUNDI X Chain for rewards it’s spoken for. all of the CSP would not last any significant time as a rewards on the PUNDI X Chain and FX has is own growth needs to build on. another point to make is there is literally a lot of PURSE available as rewards already in the right chain, to take FX from fx chain for PUNDIX chain is taking from the limited supply for it’s own governance and infrastructure. Point 3 they are not just 3 coins, Their a main net eco system L1 mother Chain with the ability to be as big as any main net chain, A world wide payments net work with the largest PEX in the World, PURSE will be a world Class loyalty token like no other, they are not just coins they are products and services, eco systems and benefits

I understand the ecosystem. On paper what you are saying makes sense. Reality is different.

  1. Purse has no demand and team is struggling to create it. It’s a “world class” loyalty product if there is a demand, otherwise it’s useless. Look at what %of Pundix tokens are delegated to Pundix chain to earn PURSE vs % of FX delegated to earn FX and you will see for yourself. Point is, PURSE is not working out.

  2. Yes, CSP is for main net development. And using it to promote FX’s first chain (PundiX) is supporting development. Also, distributing FX tokens (instead of purse) to XPOS merchants and users will increase FX awareness (marketing).

  3. CSP is not a limited supply of tokens but rather a continuously increasing pool. A portion of it being used to promote PundiX is feasible. Currently these funds are not being used at all and there are probably over 60 million fx tokens there. @FrenchXCore did a good thread on CSP Guidebook : what's the difference between EGF and CSP?

In short, both projects will benefits from substituting FX for purse. We have supply to fund it and it will reduce marketing scope of team, thus yielding better results. Creating 2 brands is easier than creating 3.

sorry I don’t agree, Fx network has a lot of work to do and the eco-systems it’s wanting to connect with, liquidity needed to bond with those and future projects yet to come for the main net chain has it’s purposes to fill which will all full back to the increasing coverage of networks the payments network is able to connect and trade with, PURSE has only just had some changes with more to come it’s hardly started it’s new adventures, I would wager by the end of the next bull run the value of PURSE a PUNDIX will dwarf the value of all FX, where you see failure; I see a progression of progress and development continued; Note it is 2 Brands FunctionX & Pundix, everything else is just an extension of their main Chains, the chains are designed to be connected and maintain ANY number of chains, PURSE is promoted because it an extension of the Brand.

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Success of a project should be measured against other competing projects (market cap rank or user market share). Token value appreciation in a bull run doesn’t mean project is gaining popularity (success).

Team has done a lot of development and good work, but it’s our job as a community to point out weak points as well.

success will come in the market eventually, I acknowledge the work that has been done and I see what their aiming for, it can’t be forced it will happen when it comes, I would agree with using some CSP for marketing; but I wouldn’t vote for use as rewards myself, as I don’t believe it will change the time / success factor.

If you use the limited resources you have to complete 2 projects vs 3. Which option would yield better results?

This ecosystem is all about Scope Creep (google it if you don’t know what it means) & it is slowing down progress.

the coins already exist, been here from the beginning, FX was created from the two other PUNDIX coins for the purpose of creating the main net chain, that alone has a big meaning, the fx was minted for that purpose, the 2 other left over coins - which is what they are! - because if the community wanted 1 coin it could of been done when they had that choice back then, I see more power with another token thats being utilized that already exists!; that already has a past community holders when you say drop purse your saying ditch a part of the community that has been connected with that coin / projects since the beginning, I only see power of the other coins helping grow each other; but more I understand that the members holding PURSE deserve to see their holds prosper and given real world utility.

From beginning ? LOL

It started from NXPS, first was 1:1000 split which later had a 1000:1 reverse split into Pundix coin. FX came after ETH fees skyrocketed and weren’t feasible for XPOS. Purse is recent, after Fx launch because there had to be an incentive token for PundiX ecosystem.

I am not suggesting to kill PURSE, just let PURSE holders swap it for FX at a fair value. Funding can come from CSP. Both ecosystem supporting each other and team won’t have to put effort into making PURSE the “world class loyalty” token. Simpler is always better.

PS: I own a lot of PURSE myself and I am willing to swap it for FX any day. Also, I own enough pundix, but will never delegate it to Pundix chain to earn PURSE. If I was to earn FX, I would definitely consider.

Fx was created long before any eth fee problems; but it was foreseen Fx main net didn’t happen until after the first major eth fee rise problems in which FX core was getting ready to launch, PURSE is the upgrade of npxsxem token to bring them into line with the new eco- system requirements and needs, this was a refurbishment of the original tokens, no different to PUNDIX upgrading from NPXS. they still carry holders form the beginning. only npxsxem didn’t do a 1000 to 1 swap.

another swap would not go down well of the projects original coins, that would be the worst move ever.

it’s a bit ridiculous there are many projects that have far more coins on their networks, we have only just completed an eco system, I wouldn’t be surprised if before to long more coins are created on the network. this is a growing infrastructure of a bigger dream, it’s meant to grow blockchain wise that’s one of it’s purposes

NPXS was mainly changed to make it more feasible as PUNDIX to use on Xpos, not because of eth fee’s on Xpos, PUNDIX for a good % part still resides in eth network, the fee’s in Xpos has been resolved in part by the connection of chains brought to the networks Via our Main net FX core chain connections and the interconnections we now have there.

Fx was not created to be an incentive token for PUNDIX chain; it was created because the dream infrastructure for the network couldn’t be created on the PUNDIX Payments network. and it was needed for the BOB Phone to run on a separate network, Main net was required first and through lack of support by the time main net came BOB got put on ICE.






The Project lives in the future, they don’t have the time to re-explain the Past people don’t understand; Mainly because they don’t listen even when corrected. I’ve placed some links of what is in the Projects NOW, the Projects have 1000x the projects developments, potentials, real world use cases & utilities, they are now also seen as DePIN; it’s one of the latest hot investment trending desired Products. the community should stay mindful of everything happening in FunctionX & PUNDIX, they are far from a stale bottle of water. MarginX will Hit 2.0 soon, Bava has great connections to our eco system, the integration of everything Cosmos and our FxCore main net is huge in it’s self, stay connected via the Projects info releases and understand the directions of the total eco system, it’s all vitally connected and necessary.

This question is not about past , but for better future.

Replacing PURSE with Fx as incentive token funded from CSP pool will help teams 1) narrow down marketing scope, 2) improve PundixX delegation, 3) increase FX exposure when distributed to XPOS merchants/users & both projects will prosper. What are team’s thoughts? @BlueStitch @Peko @zaccheah @DavidK

What I’ve pointed out, the Networks and coins have their set purposes and direction, the alignment of the ecosystem has really only come to their full appointed positions, I would love to hear the Projects perspective too. but I don’t believe the thing is going to go though the washing machine again to appoint another changed direction, I believe that would be suicide for the projects personally, they operate independently reliant on their own token infrastructure’s.

https://twitter.com/PundiXLabs/status/1749811477006209162 PUNDIX governance; more is needed by community, to secure the PUNDI X Chain to move the L2 payment chain further towards full decentralisation; to move all thing’s payment into the L2 payments chain, please consider Delegating more PUNDIX on chain, of the PUNDI X Chain, many utilities are now being created & world wide use of your PURSE REWARDS, note the BDL was scrapped, exchange listings are being sort, PURSE is now multi chain like the rest, there are also Loyalty rewards programs being devised for our DePIN and PEX Xpos Stores, beside this there are other earnings abilities for PURSE PURSE Token here, PURSE plays a very important Roll to the PUNDIX eco system. In the beginning there use to be 2 types of NPXS’s token which where basically the same token doing the same JOB; when they where up-graded for the new ecosystem they where just defined and designated their own chains and individual utility abilities, they still serve the same goals of empowering the Payments network, the Xpos forecast of adoption is always in motion and will always be forever growing the working real world wide Payments network