FX x ZooGames [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] - We have updated the proposal with Game Concept and illustrations, Milestones and Roadmap - jump right to the post here FX x ZooGames [UPDATED] - #61 by Genshimaro

Hello FunctionX Community!

Born out of a long standing passion for PundiX and FunctionX, and consequent to my years of working within the ZooEcosystem Team, I am pushing to further develop close collaboration between our ZooGames platform and Fxcore. We are confident that this can be a very exciting and beneficial collaboration for both ecosystems.

Before presenting our pre-proposal, we would like to share with you what ZooGames is all about, in detail, so that you can acquire a better understanding of what we intend to bring to the FunctionX ecosystem, and why this will greatly benefit all users of the FXcore chain.

What’s ZooGames all about?

ZooGames is the ultimate gaming playground powered by blockchain technology. It’s a game-changer that brings together the best of gaming and crypto in one seamless experience.

Create your unique ZooGamesID, your gaming alter ego, and dive into a world of exciting games. Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast or just love gaming, ZooGames has got you covered.

Forget the hassle of complex blockchain setups. With ZooGames, you can connect using any EVM chain address or stick to the familiar web2 authentication method (non-custodial). It’s your choice!

Your ZooGamesID comes with the super cool Mirror Wallet, your virtual gaming hub. It’s the central place where all your in-game transactions happen. And don’t worry, it’s locked down tight with 2FA, so only you have control.

No need to worry about security. Once you’re in the game, your Mirror Wallet is exclusively linked to that game. It’s like having your own private vault, keeping your primary wallet safe and sound.

ZooGames unlocks endless gaming possibilities, and levels up your crypto gaming adventure!

Principle features already developed:

Game Integration: ZooGames API makes it easy for game developers to add blockchain features to their games, like in-game transactions and NFT support.

Multi-Chain Support: Play games on different blockchain networks with ZooGames, expanding your gaming options.

Earn Rewards: Get rewarded for playing games and being active in the ecosystem. The more you participate, the more rewards you can earn.

Secure Mirror Wallet: Your Mirror Wallet keeps your in-game assets safe and lets you manage your gaming transactions securely.

Connect and Socialize: Connect with friends, share achievements, and join discussions with other players in the ZooGames community.

Developer-Friendly: ZooGames provides helpful resources and support for game developers to create amazing blockchain-powered games.

Monetization Opportunities: Make money through in-game transactions, selling NFTs, and participating in the GameStake system.

Safe and Secure: ZooGames prioritizes the security of your assets and personal information, with features like 2FA authentication.

Play Anywhere: Access your gaming account and assets from any device, whether it’s a computer, mobile, or VR.

Continuous Improvement: ZooGames is always evolving, with ongoing development and new features being added to enhance your gaming experience.

These are just a few examples of what you can accomplish using the ZooGames API. It offers a range of features and capabilities to integrate blockchain technology into your games and enhance the gaming experience for your users.

Further updates are coming soon to ZOO.GAMES:

  • Explore a curated web3 gaming directory;

  • Earn rewards through Gamestake support;

  • Enjoy a fresh and modern design;

  • Access social reviews for informed gaming choices;

Stay tuned for more amazing features and get ready to level up with ZOO.GAMES!

Our current games using the ZooGames protocol:

Let me give you a quick rundown of our team’s achievements since 2017:

We successfully developed decentralized applications like ZooKeeper and OpenZoo, a marketplace that embraces the power of blockchain.
Our primary focus has been on creating ZooGames, a protocol that makes integrating blockchain into any game a breeze. We wanted to simplify the process and make it fast and efficient.
Throughout 2021, we dedicated our efforts to developing and fine-tuning the ZooGames protocol. Now, we’re proud to say that most of the major features are up and running smoothly.

Here is what we could bring to the table and what would be required to achieve our common goals for healthy exponential growth.

Grant amount proposal - Secure 80k USD from the EGF to facilitate:

  1. The ZooGames Team in partnership with FunctionX will set up a web3 gaming development studio in Bangkok, Thailand using all available resources of our ZooGames Protocol.
    We will fully develop one game on ZooGames with extra focus and integration of FXcore based NFTs and branding elements (compatible all EVM chains and cross chain thanks to the ZooGames Protocol); Zoogames aims to be the one-stop shop and assistant for all potential future games wanting to integrate the protocol within the Fxcore ecosystem. We will guide and nurture web3 projects to help develop their games using our ZooGames Protocol within the FunctionX ecosystem. The ZooGames protocol runs on most EVM chains. And since Fxcore is an EVM compatible chain now, this opens the door for some exciting and value-adding features such as:
    a) Cross chain minting in-game NFTs directly to FXcore;
    b) Trading exclusively available on FXcore using our permissionless NFT marketplace;
    c) FX users will be able to fill up their ZooGamesID account directly from FXcore;
  • All this specifically within gaming on Fxcore using the ZooGames protocol.
  1. The ZooGames Team in partnership with FunctionX will launch an FX rebranded fork of their NFT Marketplace OpenZoo.io on FXcore using wrapped FX Tokens for all trades;

  1. The ZooGames Team will launch a vZOO / FX LP on Fx-swap.io and allocate 30k USD of the EGF grant to cover extra FX rewards incentives for LPs (locked over a period of twelve (12) months) This assumes that the rewards also come out of the EGF grant.

  2. As an extra bonus, Wanchain will open a bridge for our vZOO token to cross to FXcore and back again;

  3. Wanchain will also open a cross chain bridge route for our ZooGenes NFTs to FXcore (OpenZoo NFT Marketplace - FX version - named FXgora).

  4. Extra focus and follow up of inter-community events, relations and collaborations between FunctionX, ZooGames and Wanchain.

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Even for me, (a non gamer, sorry :slightly_smiling_face:) this pre-proposal feels very well thought through and professional.
The different ZOO websites look great.
Looks like a ready to GO.

So for me this would be a no-brainer to vote a Big YES.

Any critical questions i leave to others with gaming experience and knowledge…


Much appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and thank you for the honest feedback.


Welcome to function x family


Poker game would great for fx chain


Very much like the idea.


Great to see ZooGames is joining f(x)core! I think there was a test version which we could play for few days ago. When we can expect to play ZooRacers on F(x)Core when the proposal passed?


TLDR :stuck_out_tongue: … Already impressed with what your team have done … full support :slight_smile:

  1. The ZooGames Team in partnership with FunctionX will launch an FX rebranded fork of their NFT Marketplace OpenZoo.io on FXcore using wrapped FX Tokens for all trades;

I’m liking this already.

An NFT marketplace that uses $FX or $WFX for all trades will result in increased activity and use case for the native currency of FXCore.

I supposed this grant is mainly for setting up the studio in Thailand and for NFT purposes right?

  • Since the games are via a third-party app which isn’t exclusive to any chain.

Good luck and happy to see this project on Fx.


Thanks! Indeed, the ZooRacers Beta v4 is already out and any EVM chain can join, just create your ZooGamesID on https://zoo.games and you can play the game (just need to co-ordinate a little to make sure enough players are on the lobby at that time) We are excited about the prospect of more inter-community collaboration and gaming with all of you guys! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks! that means a lot! And right back at ya! :heart:


Thanks! Yes, the marketplace will indeed add a much needed use case for FX (WFX in this case) and provide a proven, stable, and already battle-tested NFT trading platform to the FX ecosystem.

In regards to the gaming studio, this is the main project, and will dedicate all resources and priority to the game dev for FXcore - indeed designed as a non-siloed game thanks to our ZooGames protocol which is already openly multi-chain (most EVM chains) but also an integral part of the FunctionX ecosystem as such.

And let’s not forget point 3 which will also give a boost and additional eyes / involvement from our communities (both the ZooEcosystem, Wanchain, and FunctionX) on the native FXcore swap - fx-swap - as we reserve 30k USD LP rewards from EGF exclusively for this purpose.

IMHO seen as a package, this proposition is to be a great boosting addition to the FunctionX ecosystem, and we are excited by the prospect of being a part of FXcore :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


nice to hear you join and build on function x chain


poker holder in fxcore chain would be great for fx ecosystem


It is a very formalized proposal. Very professional. I will not hesitate to vote yes :slight_smile: . I have a question, for example, I am a programmer and I always make mini-games for different platforms as a way of learning. I want to release a game for Function X ecosystem, with your api would it be possible? I mean, if I create a token as a reward of my game, and that token has been created in the f(x) core would it be supported by your api?


I love this idea. Bringing a dapp like this to fx would be a good way to onboard users to fx. It seems to be a comprehensive write up. Looking forward to hearing or seeing more


Thanks! :innocent:
Yes this will be possible by using our cross-chain message system, directly integrated to our ZooGames API. This means that we will be able to make direct smart contract calls on any EVM chain (decentralized omnichain interoperability same as LayerZero), using specific parameters. This also means that by using this system we would be able to distribute tokens directly on-chain from your game.


Idea, need a game app that has a way for kids to see that pocket money can be earned, we spend a lot of time appealing to various age classes, but not always in a fashion people desire. kids are always looking for their first way to earn pocket money, even if they have no concept of their future little entrepreneurial minds could be paving a way to a greater future, so what I’m saying is have a children’s section that adults that want to start teaching their children about finances can show the kids a way to earn pocket money, who knows with children with their tenacity they could quickly become the bread winner of the family, but they need to have tools to learn named in a way that attracts them to look for earning purposes, this is an open idea not just for Zoo Games


Hey there!
I’m Genshimaro, one of the core founders of the incredible ZooGames ecosystem. It’s a pleasure to be here and connect our community with yours. Together, we can achieve great things and grow even stronger. If you have any technical questions, feel free to ask me.
As for choosing the next game to develop on FX, we’re still brainstorming, we’re totally open to wild discussions.
Personally, I’m diggin’ strategy turn-based games. With ZooGames, we can unleash a ton of value like cross chain minting in-game tokens (ERC20 or ERC721) and blazing-fast in-game wagering and trading transactions.
Exciting times lie ahead, and I look forward to exploring the possibilities and collaborating with your community!