Fxdm 2024

Hi all, I’m Peng, Marketing Lead from Function X.

I’m writing to share some ideas the team and I are brainstorming for the new FXDM program in 2024.

As most of us know, the current edition of FXDM is ending soon.

FXDM has run for 2 years. Every month for the past year, we have selected the best content that our creators have created, from images to short videos to articles.

We’d like to express our thanks for all the creators who have participated in FXDM and made it a success!

Moving forward in 2024, we are trying to think of better and more effective ways to make use of our FXDM funds in order to further the goals of Function X.

Currently, some ideas we’re brainstorming include:

  1. Ad hoc content requests

We would love to open up the opportunity for design to members of our community.

For example, we would love to post more memes. But creating memes is hard work! In such scenarios, we would love to invite our FX community members who love to design to contribute.

  1. Ambassador program

We are also considering initiating an ambassador program comprising 1-2 ambassadors to help spread the word about Function X!

We are still deciding which countries we prefer our ambassadors to be based in.

Nothing is set in stone yet. We’re still in the brainstorming stage.

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas!


Hi peng I need team to promote in Indonesia marketing

Hi @Peng ,

Thanks for sharing !

I fully support the initiative, but I’d be keen to see team-led work instead of community’s.
Sharing on social media is not working.
We need more “power” : we need the project to fund online ambassadors as well, including Europe.
I’m surprised by the potential of FX and the few users using it.
We need a stronger and much bigger community.



Hi @FrenchXCore

Thank you for your response and your support!

Your feedback is valuable to us and we will definitely consider your suggestions.

Can I confirm that it means you’re open to the idea of distributing FXDM funds to others outside of the current FX community as long as it’s for the purpose of FX marketing?


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Yes, exactly.
As long as it serves a marketing strategy, we’re fine !


I would be in favor of paying only based on performance, that the videos are only paid out after a while and that payment is based on views and (watchtime). 100 videos without generating views or new users( Same with all other what user add to FXDM) . Are not conducive to marketing


I think pay for professional advertisement, I’ve watched and created material all through the last 2 years, it’s entertaining for the members paying attention in the project, but to everyone else it’s kindergarten play school, we need some solid exposure now! then after you actually have a fair following run a better FXDM, no time for fooling around here, the new markets are going to go from here, if we don’t make a visible impact soon we will not get the network the acknowledgement it deserves to move forward. Do something soon Please. Look at our market value, the market makers didn’t do anything more then provide exit liquidity and the FXDM did nothing to bring them back.


Hello - I (also) think the time has come to take a more professional approach - Don’t get me wrong, the FXDM initiative was certainly very beautiful - but more to reward the comity creatives - for which I am very grateful to the initiator.
But I think that management must now be aware of which path they want to take as far as marketing is concerned, whether they remain on the amateurish path (where nothing is wrong in themselves, but remain limited) or they provide an annual budget for a more professional approach.
Street visibility, sponsorship, etc… for example, are certainly worth considering in my opinion.
Which of course does not mean that the community creatives/supporters can no longer be rewarded.

Greetings Belgiumguy :black_heart::yellow_heart::heart:


I agree with all comments above.

FXDM was fun and I had a blast as fxneer.

But time has come to take it to next level.

Distributing FXDM funds outside the community is necessary to increase fx marketing.

And attract “outsiders” coming in.

We need more professional input and content.


Hi all!
As a member of the community and a regular participant in the FXDM program, I want to say the following. First of all, I want to thank everyone involved for this program. This was a really cool idea. I am sure that many talented, creative participants, as well as opinion leaders from the crypto world, simply did not know about this program! Otherwise fxneers would have a lot more work!))) Thank you!
But it is as it is! We need to draw a conclusion and move forward with positivity! I think that we really need innovation and an integrated approach to marketing and promotion! I really want to see our community big and strong!

I experimented a lot with content, used Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, but I was faced with the fact that these materials practically did not go beyond the circle of our already existing community. Although the program has come to an end, I will also continue to experiment and create content!
I’ll tell you a secret)
This year I plan to take part in the ironman triathlon. I want to try to complete half a triathlon. And I know exactly what logos will decorate my uniform and my future bike!) So there are a lot of ideas!)


Hello, I have been a supporter since 2018 and I have seen team make great developments.

Unfortunately, till this day both projects have suffered due to unfavourable marketing strategy.

Both projects have been dropping in market cap rank (losing popularity to other crypto projects) even with all the development progress. This a proof, that the current marketing strategy is NOT effective. I think 2 years is a LONG enough time to prove out that amateurs posting content to the same audience over and over again DOESN’T GROW the space.

PLEASE hire external crypto proven consultants if need to, but revamp the whole marketing strategy. Let’s study how other projects in this space have succeeded and NOT try to reinvent the wheel. There should be no shame in accepting if your idea doesn’t work and getting appropriate help.

We have tons of FX tied up in CSP and other buckets which are just sitting there. Let’s NOT BE STINGY and make this capital work in favour of these two awesome projects!!!

You will be our hero’s, if you are able to convince the senior management on this. @Peng @Peko


I appeal to all FXDM participants, especially those who participated on a regular basis.
Even though the program has ended, let’s create some content.
I noticed that @Sabnam stopped being active on Twitter completely after December.
Let’s support the community, the project! It makes sense!
As they say, we are all in the same boat!


Hi everyone,

The team is in the process of brainstorming the next step for FXDM. Will keep everyone updated.

@11110 Thank you for your support!

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I don’t mean it in a disrespectful way, but before brainstorming FXDM 2024, did team do a REFLECTION meeting and try to gage if FXDM is working?

Systematically, there should be a FX Marketing program and FXDM should be a project within. If a project didn’t have the desired outcome (reflection), may be brainstorm more project ideas rather than putting effort in a failed experiment.

I am not a marketing expert, but I see evidence that the TINY rewards being offered for FXDM are only worth it for amateurs who don’t have a better use for that time.

Airdrops would be a lot more effective if structured to attract new members, but the rewards need to be worth the effort!

Every single post in this thread mentioned FXDM is not working, we need to look past it. The response is, team is brainstorming ideas for FXDM?

What was the point of making this thread if team had no intention of listening to the community ?

It doesn’t matter if the price of FX drops to $0.05 or lower, as long as the market cap rank is in Top 50 and we have million plus active users.

PS: I know market cap would drop with price but if the circulating supply increase 2-3 time the price drop, we would still improve in ranking.

Hello, I have a content ready. I came back to my home country because my dog is very sick and in his last days that’s why I am having delay to edit and post it but I will be posting in some days,

If you noticed I always make content at the end of the month because I know everything that happened in the month.

And I have been retweeting and showing my support in my own ways. So rest assured I am always gonna support this community!

Thank you !



To attract people in Defi space. FX starts a 1 year reward program. If these users transfer their Defi plays for Uni Swap/other dApps through FX wallet, they will be earning extra fx rewards based on total investment amount (up to maximum of 5K per wallet). Setup to get 500 million investments against 10-20 million fx tokens distribution over a year. That’s minimum 100k new Fx wallet users (realistically would be much higher since not all users will have 5K in Defi).

Once they use it, like it. They will keep using past 1 year.

60 million+ tokens in CSP, let’s use them all over a year to promote FX ecosystem. If there is no adaption, they will become worthless anyway. And by the time year is over, CSP will be replenished again to use for future developments.

Make campaign offers SO BIG, that users would be stupid to ignore them.

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