FxWallet last version many issues

Last one cannot send funds typeing in euros with cents.

Example: 50.2€ …
diferrents issue messages everytime

but selecting funds in fx there is not problem., or sending 50€ without cents

Hey Aritz, is there a picture of the error?

  • What kind of different issues did you receive?
  • Do you only get the error when it’s in Euro?

i havent screenshots…next time.

messages with words something like “stream,”

I was having the exact same issue “Stream” errors using the latest f(x)Wallet, disconnections over Desktop PC using WalletConnect & Web dApps and crashing f(x)Wallet, etc.
After many attempts, sometimes it works : it’s just as if the FX EVM endpoint was being DDOSed.

I had to switch over to Metamask over Desktop PC and browser to easily make manual transactions.


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