Gas price for staking

For the first time in the history of crypto, holders will pay for stacking instead of being paid. I am ready to give you my awerd from the stacking I just want from you to return my coins to me without need to pay for unstacking. I feel very cheated. Now, just to unstak the coins, I have to buy ETH and pay a fee to transfer it to the (fx)wallet. Then I have to pay a fee to unstak the coins. Then you have to pay a fee again to transfer them to the exchange. I also paid 2 fees to get them. That makes 5 fees guys !!! if i whant to take and awer must to pay 2 more fees. Its a 7 fees!!!My awerd so far is 850fh which makes $ 450. And it turns out that we pay for your success. And we lose from that. 3 years of holding and for what? Please, for the last time, think of us, as long as you think only of YOU. People who just buy coins now will be much better than people who have supported you for several years !!! Don’t you think of us?


i think you missed a point. Its not first time in Crypto. EVERY and i mean really EVERY on-chain stake in a ethereum contract needs gas fees.

i think you just didn’t read anything about ethereum contracts before you entered. Bescause EVERYTHING using ethereum blockchain needs gas fees.

its not cheated. You just didn’t research what it means to do an ethereum smart contract stake. DE-FI is no free money… its rewards, yes… but always with fees.


So do I understand well that the fees will disappear whem mainnet is launched?

Any transaction that will have to interact with the Ethereum network will have fees occuring according to that network’s specifications at the time. When it comes to transactions in the FXChain, any transaction will have some fees as well.

Let’s have this imaginary scenario

Function X address to Function X address will have fees on the Function X blockchain

Ethereum address to Function X address will have fees on both the Function X blockchain and Ethereum blockchain

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Okay, thanks you. This means that once the Mainnet is launched you don’t pay ETH-fees to stake and unstake, but FunctionX-fees?

exactly… after main net launch all transactions using the fx blockchain will use fx fees which are much lower than eth fees…

still since fx is crosschain and multi chain system there can be eth or other chain contract which using eth (or other chain) fees and working cross chain with FX…

Really? What a bad attitude. Were not all brain surgeons here. Actually the people staking probably are high school grades at best. Let’s face it I bet the 70 000 000 coins staked would have never reached that if people were unaware of the ridiculous fees. Plus mr einstein how about all the failed transactions that we had to pay for?

If you did your own research, you would have weighed the risk of high ETH fess versus rewards of fx before doing the transactions.

  1. High ETH fees when tx volumes are high is not a new issue. ETH miners are happy, ETH users are not.
  2. fx rewards are attractive, but it is not without costs and risks.

You paid $300 USD to get 250 fx. You can be happy or unhappy. You choose to be unhappy. That means you value $300 USD more than 250 fx now. Who did the transactions ? You. Who should you be unhappy with ? You, and no one else.

ETH fees are ridiculous. fx rewards are generous though. So DYOR and try to be happy with your decision.

Nobody, including PUNDIX, should provide financial advise.

you should move to the ethereum forum and cry there. pundix cant do anything about ethereum fees.

Hello, I have been reading your comments across multiple threads, and you sir are a FUDmeister. You have now received multiple coherent answers regarding among others, the gas fee which is solely related to ETH network and is not anything Pundix can control. Yet you keep doubling down with negative comments. Please do some research to understand your investment before coming here and laying on the thick FUD. Cheers.

i would like to have that person removed… thanks

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Clean up on isle 3 guys… Someone get rid of this loser…?

you made the mistake… guess who is stupid? and not trying to learn from it… have fun doing many mistakes in the future and staying poor…

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Don’t let the door hit you on the way out loser.

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i dont think brain surgeons know that much about blockchain actually… but investors should…