Guides on trading on MarginX using FX Wallet, MetaMask and Keplr

ALO, MetaMask!

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1/3 - Buying Meme Tokens using Metamask

2/3 - Yield Farming using Metamask

3/3 - Providing Liquidity using Metamask


ALO, @functionx_io f(x) Wallet!

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1/3 - Buying Meme Tokens using f(x) Wallet

2/3 - Providing Liquidity using f(x) Wallet

3/3 - Yield Farming using f(x) Wallet


ALO, Keplr Wallet!

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1/4 - Set Up Keplr Wallet for Trading on MarginX

2/4 - Buying Meme Tokens using Keplr Wallet

3/4 - Providing Liquidity using Keplr Wallet

4/4 - Yield Farming using Keplr Wallet


you should look a rabby wallet as well, I have yet to look deeper into it but I liked last promotion i seen of it, like metamask only looks like it’s got a smarter UI

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Thank you for your suggestion, will check out and if demand is high… :slight_smile:


Providing liquidity using f(x)wallet.

When i want to add liquidity, should i use fx or wfx?

When checking out the pairs on the dashboard, i only see wfx pairs.
So do i need to swap some fx to wfx first?
Or will my fx be converted to wfx automaticly when providing liquidity?

Hope my question is clear?

Best regards

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Hi @Jan,

To provide liquidity, you’ll need $FX and the token of the project which you wish to provide to the liquidity pool.

You can browse the projects listed here →

Click on the token you wish to provide, and you can click on “+Add Liquidity” on the top right corner on its page.


You’ll be redirected to the “Add Liquidity” page, where you will need to connect your f(x)Wallet to continue.


You’ll need both $FX (FXCore) and $OPPABOBA to be a liquidity provider and you will earn fees by doing so.

Refer to the video guide for step by step guide:

Have fun!


It doesn’t matter whether you provide FX or WFX - both will go into the same pool, so feel free to add liquidity using either one.