“Hello World” Pundi X Chain is LIVE

A new era begins as Pundi X Chain goes live.

While the chain is launched, we are just past the halfway mark and we’re ahead of schedule in accomplishing these Pre-Launch and Launch milestones:

  • Set up of Pundi X Chain initial validators
  • Activation of its genesis block and successfully launched Pundi X Chain
  • Set up of inter-blockchain communication between f(x)Core and Pundi X Chain.
  • Upgraded f(x)Wallet app
  • Activated PUNDIX token ERC-20 <-> Function X full cross-chain functionality
  • Added Pundi X Chain module, supporting Pundi X token delegation, un-delegation, and reward transfer.
  • Added FX Explorer’s support for Pundi X Chain transactions
  • governance voting is activated (for governance voting stuff please read on).
  • First governance voting active with the BSC cross-chain proposal for f(x)Core so that Pundi X Chain can link up with BSC

Important points

  1. Right now although users are able to delegate $PUNDIX tokens into Pundi X Chain to secure the network but we encourage users to wait until an official guideline article. We aim to publish before 2:00 pm GMT+8 on 14th October. If you want to delegate, please note that it will take 21 days to unlock your un-delegated Pundi X tokens. This is the same as FX Core.
  2. Please DO NOT perform cross-chain into BSC, Polygon or TRON yet, they are unstable.
  3. The APY on display is INCORRECT as there is no price available to indicate the value of the PURSE token.
  4. DYOR.

Some works to do during the post launch period.

  • BSC cross-chain governance voting takes 14 days, once and if approved, we will activate BSC cross-chain functionality. FX delegators can vote the proposal at Function X StarScan
  • Activate PURSE token BSC <-> Function X full cross-chain functionality
  • Develop and test DeXPOS module

The launch of the Pundi X Chain is a significant milestone in the evolution of our vision for a decentralized ecosystem. In a supporter’s words “#PundiX has evolved from a sleek Point-of-Sales project in 2017 to a dedicated payment blockchain ecosystem in 2021.”


How come i can’t delegate my PUNDIX? I can’t even click cause its greyed out. I already transferred it to my fXCore address and its there in my wallet. But can’t click it to delegate.

If you haven’t cross-chain sent them to PundiXChain you won’t be able to delegate. Wait for instructions to come out if you are not sure.

Ya i jjust realised i havent transferred to Pundi X Chain. I transferred to FxCore. Ahaha, just transferred to PundiX chain


Congrats to the team and the community on reaching this amazing milestone. I’m looking forward to delegate my bags and excited for what the future will bring.

Now all I need to figure out is which validators to delegate to… Soo many good names… :smiley:


I try to swap pundix to eth to pay gaz fees for cross chain but I have this error, i dont understand. Help pls

ClaudioxBarros validator is a good one…:joy:


I know the guy :joy::rofl:



$PURSE will never have a price? It has no price for the moment but will have some later? It’s verry strange, there is little information on this tokens which remains blocked for at least a month at the dawn of the bullrun …?

$npxsxem not swaped to $purse yet. for now i think we can look for npxsxem price

Im hopeful that I can purchase Xpos Devices with my Purse rewards, then sell these to either distributors or businesses using the POS systems;

This may not be possible :thinking:

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