Help : bridge $HUAHUA from Osmosis to FunctionX EVM

Hi !

I’ve got $HUAHUA on my Osmosis wallet #1.
I’d like to bridge them to my FX-EVM wallet #1.
How can I do that ?

Either I’m too tired, or I’m getting crazy, but I can’t get to do it.

Thx !


Currently you can only do it from manual ibc transfer on Keplr.
We are in progress to add HUAHUA to f(x)Bridge. It should be live soon.

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Thx @indra
I tried to bridge from Starscan but $HUAHUA is not available.
What do you mean when u say “using starscan” ?

Sorry, i mean manual ibc transfer on Keplr.

I have revised my post above.

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