How to Transfer Assets into MarginX Chain

Hey fam,

We noticed that some of you are facing hiccups trying to deposit USDT into your MarginX address, so here’s a quick breakdown.

— Step 1: Transfer USDT from other blockchains or exchanges into your f(x)Wallet

First, you’ll have to transfer USDT into your f(x)Wallet. You can buy USDT on spot exchanges or use DEXs like Uniswap to swap your assets into USDT before transferring them into f(x)Wallet.

Here’s an example tutorial to transfer USDT from Binance to f(x)Wallet done by Cryptowars: HOW TO SEND YOUR ASSET FROM BİNANCE TO FUNCTİONX - YouTube

— Step 2: Bridge your USDT into f(x)Core

Once your USDT is in your f(x)Wallet, use f(x)Bridge in the f(x)Wallet app to bridge your USDT into f(x)Core.

— (If necessary) Step 3: Swap assets to USDT using f(x)Swap

If have existing tokens in f(x)Core, you can connect your wallet to f(x)Swap to swap your assets to USDT. Currently, this applies only to selected tokens such as $FX and $PUNDIX.

We made a quick tutorial here: f(x)Swap: How to Swap $FX (and Other Tokens) to USDT - YouTube

— Step 4: Bridge your USDT from f(x)Core into MarginX

Connect your f(x)Wallet to MarginX’s Bridge. Using this bridge, transfer your USDT into MarginX to complete the process.

We made a tutorial here: How to use the MarginX Bridge | Transferring From f(x)Core to MarginX - YouTube