How unique is Pundi X compared to other crypto point of sales devices

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I need a very constructive answer and contribution to this question?

I was talking to an investor to invest in fxcoin, we talked at length, we talk about Pundix as a company that offers point of sales service to the word.

And he asked,

“What is the uniqueness of pundix when they are other pos device out there accepting crypto as a payment options” he post alot of the pictures he browsed on Google…

He also mentioned binance, ada, xvs and other crypto that offers the same service. He said they all have a Crypto payment card and lot of stuff.

I told him alot but couldn’t get him to understand how it all works.

Pls i need answer to this @zaccheah @eduardstal @Superbit123

Below was what he sent to me

True that there are other companies that offers crypto payments. What makes pundixlabs separates from them is the FunctionX blockchain which the XPOS will run, the XPOS is MAS ( monetary authority of Singapore) compliant which a CBDC will use their XPOS operating system that’s currently being pilot-tested + crossborder (crosschain/interoperability between different blockchains)
Pundix doesn’t only produces XPOS cryptocurrency payment terminals. Pundix has other products like BoB operating system- follow Huawei HarmonyOS news (that’s FunctionX blockchain).
Read this article below. Everything is mentioned- payments, internet, IoT, blockchain phone and relate what I mentioned above.
Other POS companies that offers crypto payments is basically just a crypto wallet built in their system. Pundix XPOS runs on FunctionX blockchain which global payment companies (Ingenico, verifone,PAX) uses because these companies knew CBDCs are coming and only Pundixlabs can offer that solution.
“Function X: January Hash Out. Welcome to the first issue of Hash Out… | by Zac Cheah | FunctionX | Medium” Function X: January Hash Out. Welcome to the first issue of Hash Out… | by Zac Cheah | Function X | Medium


firstly Pundi is the first, I don’t know much of these systems but I can tell you pundi is 3 years ahead of the rest, pundi is a fintech company the XPOS is MAS ( monetary authority of Singapore) compliant, pundi system is a fully blockchain crypto to crypto system which most these other services I couldn’t say, best thing about the pundi system is it will be decentralized like Bitcoin and self governed not run by centralized organization’s, which I bet all theses others will be centralized, choice comes down to the end user there will always be alternatives Pundi will always be the faster freer cheaper self funding self profit choice, plenty of room for competition in the world do you see only 1 manufacture of Pos devices, I can tell you Pundi Xpos system is software and Pundi are primarily software technology developers are partnered with many large POS manufactures so it’s possible any pos device you look at could be running Xpos software in the future, you would be mistaken to think pundi is just an xpos hardware device

Hi. Pundi x POS is unique, please read this, other POS devices dont have this options:


Presently, the activities of PUNDI X are not regulated or licensed by the financial regulatory authorities of many jurisdictions, including the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”).

guys i dont think it is licensed by MAS yet… this is on the website disclaimer of pundixlabs. it looks really sketch if everyone is going around claiming MAS but the website is saying they are not regulated or licensed.

The company has an exemption. I couldn’t find anything on if it was renewed in July last year

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The exemption is still in force as PUNDIX has submitted a license application to MAS. Here is the statement regarding this :

“The exemption will cease after the specified period; or if the entity submits a license application under the PS Act, on the date that the application is approved or rejected by MAS, or withdrawn by the applicant.” - Monetary Authority of Singapore

Source : Entities that have notified MAS pursuant to the Payment Services (Exemption for Specified Period) Regulations 2019 ("Exemption Regulations")

Here are a few things I’ve responded to a post a while back on reddit.

Pundi X question.

Here is my response below; sorry for the lazy answer, but really there is a lot more to it, even with the added comments by Pundians on this forum. Have to ask yourself, what else does a company really need to do to really stand out, the price and rank is undeserving.

  1. For a start they have partnership with the top three pos manufacturers in the world, Ingenico, Verifone and Pax technology, and I don’t believe it will stop there either.

  2. Them three alone is a solid capture of the market.

  3. Their XPOS OS is open sourced

  4. Connected with fx mainnet they will act as nodes

  5. Competitors have a long way to catch up

  6. Country Compliances and regulations take ages to settle.

  7. Big companies such as Square by Jack Dorsey is one of them, but only offering btc centralised.

  8. XPOS will become decentralized, see roadmap for this.

  9. Userbase already grown/growing within pundix ecosystem.

  10. Already deploying to 30+ countries and expanding as regulations clear more and more for these markets.

  11. Competition is healthy

  12. Patent was applied for years ago as the pioneer in the industry (this single handledly could be a game changer for PundiX) if it’s gone through. I don’t have clarity on this matter yet.

  13. Again connected with fx is proficienct for smart cities, such as Cambodia smartcity partnership.

  14. Already tied up many other crypto projects, which are not over night integrations.

  15. Merchant’s flexibilities with passive income, ie mining, revenue per crypto sales which again requires OS integrations and coding, whereby PundiX is always ahead.

  16. Integrated third party apps such decentralized wallets such as Trust wallet & many others, again takes time to integrate /build.

  17. Achieving safety certificates to operate globally CE, FCC, TRA JAPAN MIC & ANATEL.

  18. Reputable awards of recognition CES2020 and many others - yes heavily undervalued. This is a side note to your question, but it’s regarding what is on the horizon, which is another big list, but throwing it in here :grinning:

  19. Perhaps and I encourage Pundians to include more things here, so a repeat question from future investors can be given via this link.

  20. Three apps developed fx wallet, XWallet and FXConnect, which required months of design and testing, security, auditing, etc.

  21. XPOS Desk is under development. XPOS Handy and XPOS already deployed, catering for different user needs.

  22. Very close from seeing tps speeds with fx mainnet imminently. Hopefully allowing greater speeds than centralised systems (eg visa network) and proof of blockchain transaction is significant, and can’t be done without a blockchain. Again first mover advantage.

  23. Team at Pundix is always expanding (website listing of vacancies are always offering positions FYI). In fact this has held them back a bit imo.

  24. Bull run 2021 is here to solidify reputation & Distributional further of the brand PundiX XPOS etc.

  25. Pundix already has PayPal, Apply/Google pay and many others to follow (see E2Pay for example). Also a telegram chat service via XWallet, and again many more to integrate with the XWallet such as whatapp, Wechat etc. All part of the ecosystem.

  26. In short competition has got a long way to catch up to PundiX. Please add more (it’s 04.50 here currently) gn.

  27. Oh and 10k+ businesses already have the XPOS.

  28. Ready for mass adoption tbh. The space is hating on the tech imo, because it can change cities and lives across the world in no time. Was always head of the curve IMHO.

They should be flocking in to list their projects on the XPOS device… (maybe there is a backlog) but anyways giving their communities actual usages of their holding bags, rather than just holding in decentralized wallets or exchanges. Gotta spend them right? I don’t get this space. See doge crap or btt tonight hit 1 cent with a supply of 650B and pundix struggling to go up to 1c - whale manipulation.


  1. El Salvador - new ties and discussions with the highest officials in the country to distribute XPOS.

  2. 100 XPOS ready for Paraguay.

  3. Pundi is already recognised within the space of cryptoverse and has this advantage to list more projects, or even use cases with their reputable tech and ties.

  4. All other tech (BoB, FX mainnet, XPOS) and anything else with the XPOS chain run on Fxcore blockchain will contribute on the ecosystem, increasing speed and security.

  5. Open platform already setup to launch on custom NFC xpass cards, which can serve will for particular countries.

  6. X Wallet to XWallet can be used for remittances, and fee free.

  7. There is no monthly charge for XPOS

  8. Robust support and community support for XPOS Merchants and communities

  9. Users are able to buy or sell for fiat, or for fiat using the XPOS.

  10. Merchant portals, already ip and running and its on/off chain features are already mounted, which took some time to do as one can imagine, and still improving. Also familiar with legacy systems.

  11. The Team members credentials and experience is worth noting for sure. Lenovo, eth Council advisor, Zac W3, etc in short see Website compared to the screenshot pos systems provided by your mates.

I’ll add more here later on. Need to go hold a door while mate bolts it on. By the way, has the above-mentioned got these in place??


Seems like you covered everything except the Cambodia Smart City that’s already under development

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