Informative media

Please i implore the team to work urgently on education inside function X app.
We have great product but too less informative inside the app.

We want to touch the crypto adaption but how people will learn, all these cross link chain ? Even me who is crypto enthousias have no clue.

So my proposal: have inside the app knowledge menu: where we explain step by step how to cross chain, about the fees, about the security about farming etc…even better use purse to reward people acquiering the knowledge…like a small mini academy where people will earn to learn.

Hope to hear back soon.
Best regards all.


I think there was a similar post back in 2021 about having f(x)Academy or f(x)College, similar to Binance Academy.

  • I think the team is focusing on delivering new features.
  • They could be short-staffed so it makes sense to focus on delivering products

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Good idea @NGU. Currently, we are working on a few instructional how-to articles for f(x) Wallet, FX Swap, and f(x) Bridge.

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