Integrating Function X Forum with Telegram

I’ve just finished integrating this forum with Telegram. This integration consists of sending a link with a brief thread description to Telegram: Contact @pundix and Telegram: Contact @functionx as soon as a new post/thread is added to the forum.

I’ll be monitoring how this affects the quality of the stuff posted over the forum and act accordingly should the need arise. (meaning, this integration will be removed if the quality of the forum content is affected)

Edit 1: For our local forum categories, I’ll be working on sending a notification to the specific telegram group for that category. For example, let’s say a thread is created in the Germany category, then that thread will be sent to the German telegram group as well.

Edit 2: Since posting all replies and new threads to telegram can get spammy at times, we’re going to limit it to only new threads for now.

Let me know your thoughts.


Change font of bot messages from forum

Hate it, makes it confusing

Keep the inputs of the chat realted to functionx in functionx groups not pundix groups.

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@LKYBOB How about reducing the posts to only one telegram message / new post in the forum.

@KuzoIV Not sure how to go about having this implemented since there are categories that allow topics from both Pundi X and Function X (such as suggestions, questions, etc)

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needs a separate telegram group it’s just repeating everything on both groups and chat in normal telegram will get lost, at least it’s not repeating telegram chat back to here, might just take some getting use to but needs to land in one group only i think

Click to see an image of the issue being talked about

@KuzoIV I’ve just deleted all the telegram messages sent from this integration. I’ve also changed the way in which a message would be sent to Telegram.

In this table, there is a history of how many new topics were opened each day so in order to avoid the spam that happened earlier, only one telegram message will be sent when a topic is created which based on the table below would amount to an average of 4-5 messages a day.

Day Count
June 11, 2021 6
June 10, 2021 7
June 9, 2021 3
June 8, 2021 7
June 7, 2021 2
June 6, 2021 2
June 5, 2021 2
June 4, 2021 3
June 3, 2021 4
June 2, 2021 2
June 1, 2021 5
May 31, 2021 5

Hmmm so it cant be filtered as language filtering you done. Like only posting comments from category pundix related questions and i like the idea to have comments from forum to TG its making syncing between both platforms.

I created a new topic in local Dutch category.
This post i saw as notification in pundi x official englisch telegram and the fx main group.
That’s fine with me, but since in Dutch, unreadable for most others in that group.

So maybe better:

"For example, let’s say a thread is created in the Germany category, then that thread will only be sent to the German telegram group.


@papilloncrypto Changing the bot fond won’t happen.

These are the categories that send a message regarding a new post to @pundix:

These are the categories that will send a message regarding a new post to @functionx

Realistically, this is the most filtering I can do at the moment, any more will require some sort of machine learning and that’d be overkill.

@Jan You’re right, I’ve modified the system a bit to behave exactly as you mentioned in your post, thanks a lot for this suggestion.


Noticed that a reply i made in an excisting post in local dutch category, was posted as notification post in Dutch fx and Dutch Pundi group on tg.

Is that correct?
Thought only new posts should be posted as notification in tg to avoid overload in tg?
Also a reply on a xcisting forum post can come across as a random, out of the blue comment in tg.

But good to see the integaration is working.
In tg you see right away its about a forum post, because of the different font.

Great work!

One more note:

Would it be possible to add a small footnote in the tg notification post, something like “this post was created in function x forum” or something like that?

In that way it is even more clear that the post is an forum post, and also for awareness/promo of this great forum.

For the local categories, each initial post and it’s following replies will be sent to the groups, since the activity is low for now, I believe that wouldn’t get too “spammy”. I can change that if needed.

Also, added what you mentioned.
So, instead of the message being, X posted in {threadname}, it’s X posted in Function X Forum: {threadname}

Ok, thank you!

Think you’r right about the spammy thing for now.
The addition “function x forum” is perfect.

:pray: :+1:

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er whatsapp is the best alternate to the telegram. it has more attractive features

Its owned by facebook (that alone has issues) and linked to your private phone/account.

It shares your phonenumber/account in a group chat,
People dont like doxing themselfs like that with potential valuable wallets