Internal security audit for memecoin projects

Dear community,

There has been an overwhelming influx of memecoins on f(x)Core and MarginX.

This is a great thing!

However, we understand some of the concerns coming from our community who may be cautious and wary about potential scams.

To resolve some of these concerns, the internal tech team in Function X will start to audit the contracts of some of these memecoins and post the results here.

We hope this will create a safe space for memecoin trading on f(x)Core and MarginX.

Cheers! :partying_face:


how do i track down these coins. they show pending refund. but nothing is happening. It has been days. 09F3BEFA4FADD8E0BFB39D3BB4BF5BB1EC094DA55D02B9C0651E65D47CE0941F

this is what osmosis says.
if it says pending refund, then the coins will return to osmosis when the relayer is cleaned, you don’t need to worry, your funds are safe on the chain

obviously, the relay and validator’s aren’t checking work. someone needs to be slashed. or jailed.

There was a bug. The transaction was timed out. Team will fix it soon.

We’ll provide updates. Sorry for the trouble!

We have published security audit reports for 2 of the leading memecoins on f(x)Core – AI Meow and wormsforfun

Check it out :point_right:t2:


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