Let's build an NFT club

Thats a tough long answer. It essentially depends on the usecase (if any) and the artist producing it in short.

Game collectibles are a good example overall, or services, providing unique benefits or features.

That’s a very complicated thing because for the most part that’s up to the individual, there will be disappointment for many later down the road especially those buying JPEGs that represent nothing or an assumed value just because it’s an NFT especially when a Jpeg is just a watered down or reduced information representative image created to reduce file weight of an image for data transfer back in the days when large files were an issue to transport back in the early digital graphics printed graphics which resulted in the reduction of media print quality for many years, as an ex-graphic artist I hold no value in a Jpeg unless it represents a high res original digital file of great originality.

I suppose that NFT would be used as an asset that the owner enjoy the copyright of it and integrated in any website in a paid manner.

i am in touch with the guy that builds https://daimonslayers.com/ he just switched over to matic since eth was killing it with the fees. maybe he will be available for talks after his matic sale…

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maybe he can move to function x ecosystem

wow awesome man

yeah but to attract such projects the pioneer work has to be done and a community with marketplace etc has to be formed… too bad daoverse didnt get the votes to do that… now we have to wait till the new governance is in place to maybe get another shot on that and fx is ready to fulfill the need of such projects…

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Thanks for your suggestions, my friends and I have started building

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