Let's use $PURSE for good deeds!

Dear Community members,

It’s late now here in GMT+8 and I’m overwhelmed with emotions but I’ll try my best to keep it cool to share my thoughts.

As you may already know (and if you didn’t, now you do), Pundi X and Function X have launched a joint charity project collaborating with Hope For Children CRC Policy Center today. It’s a mint-to-donate project that encourages PURSE token holders to make donation with PURSE and get a NFT as return of the kindness. Each NFT requires 20,000 PURSE to mint, which is appr. 20 USD (today’s price) each.

Simply put, with every NFT minted, 20 USD will go to the children suffering from war in Ukraine.

The idea of charity project came from Claudio’s suggestions and actions, we took the advice and quickly held internal discussions, and then it all went turbo: Who are the trustworthy org. to work with? How will we do this? What preparations should be done? How many NFTs to be created?..So many questions asked, and so many answers given, most importantly, so many actions taken within a very short time.

It is urgent, because the need for help is urgent, and we don’t want to waste a single second.

A special shoutout to @Peko and @BlueStitch. They spent so much time and effort perfecting the project and coordinating between different parties, and thank you so much to the tech team for the quick response to the request.

And here we are, the mint-to-donate charity project in on. Hope for Children NFT

And we need you.

I have to admit that I haven’t been able to watch the detailed news reports of the war, but I do keep myself updated with the status. Just the other day, I accidentally saw a video of a Ukrainian child walking across the boarders crying, in his hand holding a bag carrying his toy. Maybe his parents were around, maybe they weren’t, no matter what, a child shouldn’t be going through such horrific matter.

The image struck me so hard and I know I will never forget it. I cried myself to sleep that night.

Therefore, I was extra looking forward for the collab with Hope For Children to launch.

We all believe in the idea of the blockchain technology will change the world, we develop, we buy the dip, we FOMO, we HODL, we get excited about Metaverse, we work hard because we have faith that a better future will be crafted with blockchain.

And now here is a great opportunity to prove that we are right. The PURSE tokens held in your wallets are now more valuable than ever, for the hope they bring to those children is beyond market price, beyond high tech, beyond flipping, beyond you and me.

The amount to mint is small, and together we make it large.

I don’t know how much will 50,000 NFTs help, but any help is helpful.

I have used all my PURSE to mint already, I’ll keep collecting delegation rewards to mint more, and I sincerely invite you to join me, join us.

Read full article of Hope For Children collaboration
Or go straightly to mint-to-donate Hope for Children NFT

Thank you.



Congrats to all pundi and Function x team for this :heart:

You guys rock :muscle:


first 2 i minted:


Done I minted 5, the images are not showing in my Beta app though, same as the issue we had with the WGMI NFT’s, It’s the latest Beta version on a Samsung notepad; my WGMI images are there and the blindbox NFT images, I tried a device reboot; i’ll look later on and drop a note if they show later,

I had to do the mint twice right now I don’t know if it was a 2 part thing and i didn’t complete it the first time anyway it worked the second time, i was in a rush so i didn’t get to take note



I had the same issue but I think it’s fixed now. However, I’m using iOS system.
It takes some time for the NFT to show up, for me it took about a minute.
But I’ll also let the tech team know about this, maybe different systems cause different time delay.
Thank you for minting !!

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ok thanks, still not visible on my Android device so far

Very good initiative.
Minted first 10
Went smooth and fast with the regular f(x)wallet

Keep up the good work!


Hi Judie

I did a restore of the Beta app version; it took a few mins for all the NFT’s to show but it fixed my issue, Cheers


That is great to hear!

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Looks awesome!! Thank you for the kind heart!