Lightning Network

Jack Dorsey’s social media platform Twitter has officially enabled third-party bitcoin tipping services for iOS users, giving them the ability to seamlessly pay one another across the globe, nearly instantly.

The key is Lightning. How about Pundix Channels?

Pundi is not all about it’s self they will provide access to payment access to any network that can be connected to their payment systems, with all the crypto networks available there is no way only 1 will dominate everything totally not even a mere few, why use 100 different apps as a merchant when you could handle a major majority with 1 device, Pundi has had a free transfer of funds instantly to anyone through telegram for over 3 years called crypto gift

How to send Jack Dorsey a crypto gift so that he would see and repent?

he would have to use Xwallet and telegram, you would just PM him the gift

let’s forward the cryptogift via twitter

he won’t care about it, he would already know, not the time anyway the PUNDIX eco system is getting a major upgrade through this month so it’s not a focal point

Lightning’s appearance seems to eliminate the others.

don’t know how you figure that, in fx wallet I could send any amount in FX instantly for less then 50c wallet to wallet no twitter needed

in fact, I also sent without lightning

That is how maximalists always say. But as we can see, the world is moving to the opposite. Paypal supports the ‘classic four’. Many retailers supports those four plus DOGE. NFT boom mainly supported by ETH. etc.

Business follows the trends dose not mean trends can’t change, what’s in today can be out tomorrow, Just because something else has the lime light today dose not mean we can’t hold it tomorrow, Pundi is a payment provider their ways to connect to services will always be evolving; No different to any other Payment systems services providers

If any of you have used lightning network before, I am interested to know how, which app, scenario, ur experience etc.

It will be helpful.

If i am not wrong, El Salvador is also using Lightning. I saw someone posted buying macdonalds in El Salvador using bitcoin lightning.

Simple Bitcoin Wallet

lightning wallet working system. btc deposit from conven wallet, scalability and cost of joining btc network. after entering it is automatically converted to lightning and can be directly used for transactions between wallets/channels that support lightning with almost instant speed and low fees. This is possible because as layer 2. scalability, speed and low cost are needed in daily transactions. one day it can be withdrawn again to the conventional wallet if needed.

similar as FX (Ethereum) to FX (FX Core).

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Our Joao is looking at this and might reach out to you for suggestions @nomo0808

hope we can be part of the euphoria…


sending btc lightning from ‘paxful’ to ‘simple bitcoin wallet’.

the process is recipient wallet/channel make an invoice first to be scanned.