Listing FX token on Umee markets

Hello everyone,

As we are in the period of expanding our horizons, we have initiated a proposal on Umee to list the $FX token on Umee Markets. Umee is the largest borrowing and lending protocol for all IBC assets!

Please support Function X by commenting here:
Listing proposal topic

Additional info
Umee website
Umee Markets


What network will support fx or eth
If fxcore i will support 100%

Wow, their app website looks really clean.

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Done from my side :white_check_mark:

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It will be fx token on fxcore as Umee supports token through IBC.


That’s correct :100:

looks like you have to join to comment, thats why there is little support there, looks good go for it

if you have keplr extension, it’s fast and you can stay anonymous.