[LIVE] Governance Proposal 4: Battle Royale Event for PURSE+ Launch

Proposal Overview

It is time to get more crypto users to join the PUNDIX and PURSE communities. To support the official launch of the PURSE+ browser plugin, we propose the execution of a $PURSE token budget totaling 253.25 million $PURSE tokens through a unique event titled "Battle Royale’’ which will be engaging the social media influencers to use this product. The PURSE+ browser plugin, pioneering a SocialFi realm by blending social interactions with crypto rewards, had seen an unprecedented surge of over 12,000 users during a soft launch on 15 March 2024. Currently, the soft launch contributes to the success of making PURSE one of the Top 3 ERC404 tokens by market cap at Coingecko.

The official event, running from 1 April - 31 May 2024, aims to enhance blockchain utility, foster community engagement, and significantly boost the marketing and user adoption of PURSE+.

Allocation Breakdown

The total allocation for the Battle Royale event is detailed below:

Grand Prize (Team): 100,000,000
Grand Prize (Team Leader): 50,000,000
Top Team (4 Weeks): 40,000,000
Top Leader (4 Weeks): 20,000,000
Top Inviter (4 Weeks): 24,000,000
Twitter Giveaways (4 Weeks): 4,000,000
Daily Tasks (61 Days): 15,250,000

Total $PURSE Token Reward Pool: 253,250,000 $PURSE Tokens

Proposal Details

This proposal aims to leverage the official launch of PURSE+ to:

  1. Enhance Blockchain Utility: By integrating financial rewards with social interactions, we aim to showcase the practical utility of blockchain technology in everyday life.
  2. Foster Community Engagement: Encourage active participation within the community through rewards and challenges, thus strengthening the ecosystem.
  3. Boost Adoption: Drive awareness and user adoption of PURSE+ through incentivized marketing efforts.

$PUNDIX delegators and validators, your vote matters! Cast your vote now: Function X StarScan



Your dedication, strategy, and leadership have set the bar high for what it means to compete and thrive in the world of SocialFi. A massive shoutout to everyone who participated and made this week a resounding success!

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