[LIVE] Governance Proposal 5: Integration of Solana on XPOS


To enable XPOS to accept and process transactions using cryptocurrencies from the Solana ecosystem, thereby expanding the range of digital assets available to XPOS merchants and customers.

Proposal Summary:

Solana has the fourth largest transaction value, following Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. In 2024, Solana’s transaction volume exceeded $1 billion USD per day. To increase transaction value for the XPOS merchants, we propose the integration of the Solana blockchain into XPOS. This integration will allow merchants to accept crypto payments and conduct crypto sales using cryptocurrencies within the Solana ecosystem. The adoption of Solana’s blockchain is expected to expand the utility and flexibility of XPOS for both merchants and customers. This proposal seeks community’s approval to commence the development and implementation process.

Moreover, Solana stands out with over $2.7 billion USD daily on-chain transactions in stablecoins based on the data on DefiLama. We expect to expand cryptocurrency support and broaden the array of digital currencies available to merchants and customers, enhancing the XPOS platform’s versatility.

Execution Plan

Upon approval of the governance proposal, the XPOS team will integrate Solana support and make it available within two weeks.

:ballot_box: $PUNDIX delegators and Validators, vote to help build the ecosystem:


Hi @BlueStitch !

Of course, we support such a move.
However, I’m still having a hard time understanding $PUNDIX tokenomics.
If all transactions go thru Tron, Solana, BSC, Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, what’s the incentive for users to migrate to PundixChain ? For PUNDIX to gain value, we definitely need users to use PundixChain to see some $PUNDIX burnt.
How does the team envision the future of PUNDIX cryptocurrency and DAO beside having just more and more users (using other blockchains), and more XPOS sold ?



Nice, finally :slight_smile:

Does this also mean we will be able to bridge between solana and fxcore ?

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