Low volume on exchanges | new listings are needed

Last week I tried to buy some Function X on Kucoin. Because the volume was very low I caused a small pump when I bought.
If a whale wants buy millions of FX, how will he buy with low volume on exchanges. So we need new exchange listings ASAP.


So true without volume no one can do anything.
Binance listing would be so damn Important.


We need a market maker. The current whale holders that are asleep at the wheel have no intention of selling or participating.

Just adding binance wouldn’t necessarily increase liquid. We will need large holder market maker participants to really get the liquidity we need.


If both PUNDIX and Function X Foundation are philosophically against staking their fx as fx whales themselves at this critical juncture, then we will need an OTC Desk. Here is the thread discussing the issue if you have not read it.

@zaccheah did not respond with a positive. Hope @zaccheah and PUNDIX team reconsider and change their mind.

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I agree with this as well. The fact is that we have gigantic stake holders in our ecosystem that appear to be unwilling to participate.

Is it malicious? Are they holding things back with the intention of harming the overall ecosystem? I for the life of me cannot understand why a long project backer of this project would not be interested in recouping their investment or growing it more.

Is it that against all odds several large wallet private keys were lost? If this is the case then we are again strangled by the lack of participation from the biggest equity holders of this project.

The OTC desk idea to release a fraction perhaps less than 4million of team funds purposefully made for ecosystem proliferation and more saturation of the token in public exchanges is a good idea.

I can’t think of a ecosystem project out there where it is completely resistant to new large investors from making a jump.

Would a deep dive of open interest on the total order books be useful? Is it only a few of us that really grasp what it means to have such pitiful liquidity for new investors to jump in? It’s quite strange

If the team would be searching for a market maker working with the company liquidity wallet and He could work from around the World I would apply my CV directly that day.

Yes we dont have a market maker and not enough listings.
This has to change.


Funny you say this wheather it’s malicious (so many times I wanted to type this out), because I totally think there is foul play here, holding us back, makes no sense.

We should have hit that 75M easy, only 20% of the supply.

I also find it difficult to believe that whale/s (or a very larger holder) would lose their private key, too much money involved or invested to be soo incompetent imo. Most likely kept in the same place as their other PK batch…

If a whale does not come forth, I believe I read the team will cover the rest.

New exchanges will be great, but I think mainnet first and then entice exchanges with it hopefully.


could also just be rich people that brought in big and have no clue what that are in; this is my real hope what has happen if that’s so they are no real threat as they may just be waiting on the market sell opportunity, we can only get main net running and show them through example what the best thing is, as I said before that’s a lot of cookies you want someone to commit caution maybe in their interest too; there is a lot of fud that doesn’t help us one bit.

i do not take that as a valid reason. nobody is dumb enough to put millions on something they have no clue about.

and if there is someone to be dumb enough to do that, they wouldn’t have millions to play with in the first place.

lol so you think someone like elon musk knows the full in’s and out’s of Bitcoin, right down to mining and how to do it, lol

Listing on Binance is vital!
It will add popularity at least. And development without it is limited. Binance it’s very important step.

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Last week I tried to buy some Function X on Kucoin. Because the volume was very low I caused a small pump when I bought.
If a whale wants buy millions of FX, how will he buy with low volume on exchanges. So we need new exchange listings ASAP.

I’m sure the feedback is much appreciated to the team.

As for purchases strategy meanwhile FX is not listed on more exchanges, Uniswap is always an option as users can set their slippage limit. Of course it is not worthy using Uniswap for low amounts due to the high Ethereum fees, but it can be worthy for higher amounts, specially if you want to buy right away instead of placing a limit order on an exchange.


Do you have plan to list on indonesia exchange
That will good for fx ecosistem

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Thanks for reply. With high ethereum fees like > 100$, uniswap is only good for whales, for small guys like me who want to buy 500fx or 1000 fx it is not good. Sometimes kucoin order books have 50 fx or 100 fx order book.

Since most of investors are average investors and not whales, uniswap not good at the moment.

If there are no new exchange listings, can company run some bots in exchanges like kucoin and put some liquidity? Bots can act as market makers and liquidity providers, also readily available like quadency bot or kucoin built in bots.

If new listings are in progress to be listed this year it’s ok.

I hope function x rises to atleast pundix level with exchange listings.

@pedrosanches @zaccheah


It would be nice to have ANY exchange to accept deposit/withdrawal in FXcore (i.e. not ERC-20 token).

Let me bring some advantages of this:

  1. This will significantly decrease fees to withdraw and stake in fxwallet as we don’t have to pay ERC-20 token withdrawal fee AND ERC-20 token to FXcore crosschain transfer fee.

  2. It will allow investors to easily trade their tokens in exchange because it will decrease fees to deposit in exchange from FxWallet. Which will increase LIQUIDITY for Fx.

  3. This will attract more non-whales investors to stake (because of lower fees). Which will bring more security, stability to FxCore network (Because there will be more small amount investors delegating).

In summary it will:

  1. Decrease fees
  2. Attract more investors
  3. Increase Liquidity
  4. Boost security, stability for fx network
  5. Spread awareness of new Fx network

Later on, we can have more exchanges to have deposit/withdrawal in fx core network. It will increase liquidity out of the box and increase use case for this great network.


we definetely need fx(core) pairs on some exchanges