LP Restaking Farm Reward Issue

Hi sir,

I saw some issue about Farm Reward rate.


It shows that 400 purse per block Reward. It was set up a year ago.

PURSE-BUSD LP was retired and replaced to PURSE-USDT LP around 20 days ago.

Here! There is some issue one day ago. Why change Reward rate without official notice?

Please let me know reason of change set up and why different Reward rate between Website and source code.
(Website = 400 purse per block Vs. Source Code = 107.29 purse per block)

I confuse about that what is real Farm Reward.

Please reply for this topic.

Thank you for Purse Team.

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I’m not part of the team, but I believe it’s to prevent significant inflation and dumping. They’re the ones with the full plan, of course. My anticipation is that it’ll see more significant gains in 2024.

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I understand your opinion and agree with the issue of pressure(inflation and dumping).

However, if the parameter change is necessary, they should have made an official notice or announcement to user and changed it.
(Like a replacing LP Pool from BUSD to USDT on X)
(Like a voting about Airdrop on X)

It is unfair to LP provider to make changes in secret. If they have a big plan, they should say it first and than change it second.

Because it is information. if they make little reward per block than website showing, that is not fair.

I still wonder what the reason is, and I’d like to hear the official opinion of the team.

Thank you for the comments.


The UI will be updated soon to reflect the changes, it was previously a hard-coded value so it didnt reflect properly. Thanks!

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Thank you for your response.

Could you tell me why the reward has been changed? I’m an LP provider. I’d like to know why it changed. This is seriously important for investment.

I understand that the reward may change in the future. If there is a reasonable reason, I can fully understand it. but I’m worried that same situation will happen again.

I trust and love Purse team. Please consider LP providers and investors when modifying some information.

I hope you guys have a great Christmas and New year!

Thank you for response again!