Main Net Let's get Started

Staking period ends Tuesday, I don’t know about most but I would prefer not to have another staking event, Finish this staking event so we can move on to main net now, there are plenty of holders
combined that can finish this. If your holding FX and not staking your the ones holding us back ;if you hold under 20k fx this is not on you don’t risk the fee’s, there are hundreds of wallet holders that can - you know who you are.


I agree, I hope mainnet goes live. It has been so drawn out if it doesn’t make it, that it could lose momentum. I do not fully understand why it is hard to get 20% staked. One thing I was not 100% sure about is why PUNDIX had the bigger share of Fx rewards when it came to staking. I suppose it was to bring PUNDIX people on to FX.


Would be very sad if it stays stuck at 71M. FXwhales stake your 20k+ FX and let’s start the mainnet!


Maybe last day hope I had one whale that says he has 3.3million staked and has more he will stake on the 15th, I just hope it’s not someone being funny, there is one wallet with just over what he said is in it
and it has the exact amount out as he said was already staked so i’m 80% convinced we are on home base


We are bleeding significant stakes now because it was not communicated in written language about the need to keep funds in the pool. You only mentioned it in the presentation…

-468,512 tokens out is a lot. If more join and we do not have a major whale finish things out it will be a downward spiral.

Please communicate about the need to stay in the pool…


well don’t start a panic hey, everyone that cares knows to stay staked until the 16th, we can’t stop those that pull out early which they are probably just not chancing higher eth fees, I spoke to admin and they are asking for people to stay staked in FX to the 21st to wait for the late comers :muscle::pray::rocket:

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I agree, please clarity, would be really good at this point. No need to panic, but good communication always helps.

all i can tell you is they are hoping for someone to fill the staked requirement, I didn’t think it was possible after the 15th, but i’m told they would like to stay staked to the 21st to give someone the opportunity to fill it

Well, today (actually in the middle of the night) I claimed pundix stake rewards and fx stake rewards, and instandly restaked the fx.
Even if its only for a couple of days.

Luckily, or since the fees are very low atm i decided to do this, even if it costs me a couple of bucks.

Every little bit helps to get to the mainnet and that’s more important imho.

Hope more will do, but would understand if they dont and hope for a whale to step in.

And also important, claim if you like, but dont redeem your fx (yet).


Do we know if Function X or Pundi X team have those FX to complete the Mainnet Launch??

I know what decentralisation means, but we cannot let this to go with more than 90% completed.

I don’t know… :man_shrugging:

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team will if there is only a small requirement left, but for true security and decentralisation we need the 20% to be from supporters, early security of the network is very important, if Pundi wanted to they could of started main net on their own funds but then it would not be decentralised.

as Jan pointed out, I will also Claim and re-stake, I believe I can still do this on the 16th so if we are not there tomorrow that is what i will do on the 16th


You do not have to reclaim FYI, i just processed my own and threw the earnings back in. The contract gives you the FX to be added in on top of your current funds available, No need to Redeem then restake.

I’m just talking about staking my claimed coin not redeeming

On average there are more
than 400 wallets that could
stake more than 30k FX;
we need 167 of those to stake
30k FX, tonight I have 30k FX left I can
stake; Who’s with me? Let’s finish this


I Wish I had 30k PundiX left to stake…haha.

Unfortunately I am all staked. I presume there will be a few big players stake in the last few days. It would be ashame to get so close and yet fall short.

obvious this applies to those holding coin still, there are over 400 wallets that are holding more than 30k and under 100k there are more then a few wallets that could finish this now, What are you waiting for all your doing is holding back your own future return


Lets go mainnet