Maintenance Notice - 100-Day Incentive Program: Deposit Incentives

Maintenance Notice:

Please be informed that we are updating our service tracking node for Deposit Incentive. Rewards for 7-8 December 2022 will be distributed once the snapshot data is updated.

This does not affect any trading activities nor deposits made.

Thank you for your patience.

Happy trading!


Hello, I am trying to do the bridge from fxcore to MarginX, however I am not able to select the MarginX chain. It seemed disabled. Any idea how to solve this?

Hi Gavriel, welcome!

If you want to bridge to MarginX, you have to go through the MarginX Bridge Website.

As of now, you can only bridge from FXCore → MarginX via the MarginX website.

  1. Connect your f(x)Wallet to MarginX website
  2. Bridge it via the MX Bridge
  3. Confirm transaction and sign on your f(x)Wallet
  4. All done!

To be eligible for deposit rewards, do I need to do anything after bridge? By right, I should receive rewards after 24 H ?

All you have to do is leave USDT in your balance for 24 hours to qualify.

Deposits need to remain in the wallet for at least 24 hours to be rewarded as a daily deposit.

  • If it is less than 24 hours, your payout will be scheduled to the next payout at 8 a.m. GMT+8.

is FX Token eligible for the rewards, or it only valid for USDT?

Only USDT.

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