MarginX and Burning

Great achievement and thank you

Have questions:
-MarginX supposed to burn FX
—How many burned and how track burned FX? Could boost morale of investors

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FX is not burned through usage, MarginX do use FX for fee’s though & dose not have it’s own token/Coin this will bring massive use of FX & use case; you only need to look at the test net numbers, you’ll want to already have your hodl!!! Boom time is coming


Indeed! There’s no burning of FX on MarginX.

All FX goes directly to validators as rewards. Without issuing any tokens, MarginX can fully focus on dishing out better product pipeline as well as onboarding trading communities/institutions/projects etc.

By adopting FX is a better use case to show how it should be done (for future projects using Function X blockchain).

Check out the transactions on StarScan, as every execution requires FX tokens.


Can we delegate to MarginX validators or are the rewards just for the company?

Delegate to specific MarginX validators not available at this moment.

Please continue to support fx validators for now.

Howdy @orbitant , is it possible to know how many validators are part of Margin X ecosystem? And how are the roles like of fx and mx validators for the MarginX dex?

Sorry missed this. Presently, validators/nodes are from MarginX. We have plans to allow public validation in the future, so MarginX can be fully decentralised. Following the model of how Function X first introduced its mainnet.