Missing PAIRs

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Due to the abnormal trading activities, we will suspend the trading of $PIZA $CHEEMS $MONG $TLIP $ORDI $PIZA $ATOM $STRD AND $OSMO.

Meanwhile users cannot trade the pair mentioned above.

All funds are safe.

Please wait for further updates :slight_smile:



When we can expect assets like $Tesla $Apple etc. on marginx? And why is $pundix still not listed?


is there any Roadmap to new releases on MarginX?

Hi there, I discover this post only today, I had a trade opened on MONK only 10 USD.

Whith respect, I think it was an error to put so many memecoin on marginX because it don’t give a serious image in my opinion of the app.

People are searching margin level and options to trade in a decentralize way, with low fees. Ans you have all for success.

And to see all this memecoin, (or shitcoin) in the first page it’s king of strange. Just my opinion may be I’m right may be I’m wrong you are the one who have the strategy of the app.


thanks for your input and suggestions

The team will take this into consideration

The team is upgrading the whole codebase and changing the strategy - I personally feel the next iteration is a huge change and will definitely beyond a normal dex

As of you position on MONG, there will be a scheduled system (auto) refund on next week


It’s ok for 10 usd no problem :wink: you rewarded us so much so I don’t have any trouble with you.

It’s a good point you take it in consideration. I like your project and we are here for support you.

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