Multi Chain Approach safety issues

Hey guys and gals,

i am really thrilled to see the fx (core) working next month but one thing came to my mind today.

If it will be possible to launch their own Blockchain without any coding skills for everyone, how can we be sure that this wont be used for scams and fx will have a massive PR problem after that.

will there be an entity that will control the new blockchains before they can launch?

Otherwise i am really afraid that this will lead to massive amount of scams and meme shitcoins…

and that cant be good for the system.



True. Binance Smart Chain is filled with tons of memecoins and shitcoins scams via PancakeSwap.


It will be a step up launch - feature by feature, chain by chain. Starting with f(x) Core the Function X Mainnet. After f(x) Core, the next chain on Function X will be a chain that allows high speed transaction for payments on XPOS, and so on so forth.


Name the chain? What chain for transactions on XPOS? Too excited. Like kid at candy store.

we had to have a code to allow the creation of blockchains on test net so maybe the governance of blockchain will be through a application process, when this is fully decentralised it would be and idea to some how governed, so for now they just can’t add one with out application