My Pundix is moved from my F(x) wallet

Hey Guys . I need your help ,I was staking f(x) with my pundix and left it there for almost 3 years .now i checked my wallet again and i cant find my coins nowhere . Please help me out .


Hey @Ace32, I’m assuming your tokens are in the pre-governance staking contract since 2021?

Is that correct?

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Yes thats true !

You can follow this step-by-step guide by the tech team to withdraw your tokens from the old contract.

  • Do note that the staking rewards for that event have concluded.
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Thy mate . But do i have the right to claim the rewards .

No worries.

The staking event was on a “claim only” basis so unfortunately, you can’t as it has ended already.


Ok thy very much

Note it was only ever a short staking event, which finished 2 years ago with a claim deadline for rewards long since ended straight after the event.

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Some guy send me a private msg ,to an live support should i trust him ?

No, nobody will pm you for any confidential info or ask you to click any links.

What’s his account? Will report it.

Bro after i click quary i get this number 1012797224000000000000 ist this my amount of pundix ??

According to the picture, yes but the decimal will probably be somewhere in between there.