Need help swapping old fox coins for the new one

Hello, i was farming on the old Fox farm and missed the window to swap the tokens for new ones. Please help on how to swap?

Transaction ID:


If I am not wrong, they airdropped it to users. Maybe can pm @Fox_Coin

The new FXG address is: 0xebd3b8b345a325b0fce339aeea9996a6a5a947dc

Try adding it and see if you have the new tokens.

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I confirm, I had the same issue before figured out their airdroped the old holders. If you don’t have your coins contact the team directly :wink:

I have been trying to get a response from @Fox_Coin on telegram for weeks but heard nothing back.

Sent a PM 2 days ago, still nothing.

Have you tried adding the new FXG token address to your wallet?

Loil’s newborn baby just came into this world so he has been busy.

same here… 2 months ago. same subject no answer.
also asked a question regarding a problem trying to mint my own nft on the site…
they have read both… no answers.
I gave up.

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Maybe @Fox_Coin could take a look.

Do try adding the new FXG token address too, just in case, to double check if you were airdropped before, as this has helped a few users before. :pray:

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@Fox_Coin any update for this ?

Normally, everyone was airdropped the new FXG coins.
Did you add the new FXG coin (0xebd3b8b345a325b0fce339aeea9996a6a5a947dc) in your wallet ? They might appear there…

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