New/Update FoxGaming Proposal

Dear FX Community,

It’s been a wild ride so far. Since our successful proposal last year, we accomplished a lot of things.

  1. Launch our marketplace (
  2. Launch the INO Platform (FOXCHANGE)
  3. Host first INO SALE with FoxGenesisCollection (
  4. Announcing partnership with
  5. Release the first big update and improve the userexpierence
  6. Enable FARM on
  7. Prepared the Bitcointalkcampaign


  1. ERC1155 support
  2. MULTICHAIN support
  3. Partnership announcement
  4. Notification system

The current state of the proposal:

Tranche 1 12500/25000 USD claimed
Trance 2 15000/25000 USD claimed

Unfortunately, our idea seems to be undoable to find any bigger projects filling the requirements for the other 12500 USD part of Tranche 1.

" The other 50% will be requested from the FX foundation with proof of the hired artists. Artist’s requirements: active community, at least 1000 followers on Twitter / Telegram, and minimum 50 sales on"

Therefore we ask the community to support our IDEA to convert the left amount from tranche 1.

Proposal FoxGaming

1. Update

Topic: Release the left amount from tranche 1 and FoxGaming will add it to the LP Pool (FXG/FX) on We are open to letting the custody wallet add the LP, therefore we send the needed FXG to the wallet and FX Foundation can add the LP.

Distribution schematic: directly after proposal

Payment wallet: fx1780uflqpght7etzq8auv0ram6rwy3wd6dasex9 f(x)Core (Function X Mainnet), $FX
Custody wallet between FX and FoxGaming : fx1v20ky9sjc8m3ddqwhdjumyl68clyz499udu73s f(x)Core (Function X Mainnet), $FX


Topic: Foxcreator is a state-of-the-art, zero-coding platform for building any web3 experience.
Foxcreator simplifies the process of building on web3 by enabling developers and builders to create any website with little or no prior programming knowledge and without running any code. You can build your website in just a few clicks.
Foxcreator is designed to tackle the various challenges that project builders face when building their blockchain project. With Foxcreator’s simplified and easy to use interface, you can create your Web3 website in a few clicks without learning to code. Foxcreator is the future of Web3 website development.


  1. NFT FOX Genesis Holder will receive reduced fees on FOXCREATOR.

Amount: 15000 USD

Payment wallet: fx1780uflqpght7etzq8auv0ram6rwy3wd6dasex9 f(x)Core (Function X Mainnet), $FX
Custody wallet between FX and FoxGaming : fx1v20ky9sjc8m3ddqwhdjumyl68clyz499udu73s f(x)Core (Function X Mainnet), $FX

Distribution schematic: The team receives 50% after the proposal pass. The other 50% will be requested from the FX foundation after launch.

Please share your feedback with us!
I hope we can build more products for FX Chain.

@indra @zaccheah @DavidK @Richard


yeah i think it is a good approach, since i personally would totally agree that it really wont be possible to find bigger project unless FX is finally doing their homework and creating a community/ raising marketing to build more interest for the fx blockchain.

since i still wait for that day that fx is finally doing something to raise awareness and push community growth (and i personally think this might still take a while longer, if happening at all)

from daoverse perspective i just can relate sooo much, since it wont be possible for us to start here before we really get a working community which really is missed opportunity by the team.


Hi @Fox_Coin, could you elaborate the unique points of FoxCreator compared to a regular website maker?

Since there are numerous free-of-charge website builders available that allow people to create websites with a single click, what are the main differences between your state-of-the-art creator vs those professional website creator services?

Also, do you mind explaining how a website builder benefits the Function X blockchain ecosystem since people can just use it to create other project websites for other chains?

  • Does it provide any on-chain benefits?

  • There are really a lot of professional design website makers out there that are FOC too
    (single click type, with a variety of website templates of Web2/Web3 and categories)


Yes, it seems there are a few out there doing the same. but none is supporting FX.
We have to build an fx ecosystem from the ground and compete with 100 other EVM chains.
A lot have more active marketing and a bigger community. Netherless I want FX to go BIG and be the best possible chain.

Therefore we come up with the new usecase FOXCreator adding another piece to the board. Codeless NFT Projectbuilder/Homepagebuilder can enhance the community or other people to start their project and make the FX ecosystem more alive.

@SCENE thanks for your feedback. what do you think about the updated version from our first proposal?


Didn’t see your reply here, I responded to this in your Telegram direct message to me. I will copy and paste it here.

The website creator supports everything - from templates to different categories to Web2+3.

  • These are the people who recreated the Solana, Polygon, and Cryptopunks websites.
  • The price ranges from $12 to $212, and some are even free.
  • Established companies uses them


  • Minting contracts
  • All EVM-based networks, including FX, if anyone wants to integrate FXCore
  • Generate Metadata with custom traits and rarity
  • WalletConnect wallets, MetaMask, and more
  • Mint Button / Connect Button

Example of a Codeless Web3 Template:

Note: These are not the official websites, these are templates of the official websites which are cloneable.

Secondly, Grants are specifically for on-chain projects such as lending protocol, DEX, NFT marketplace, data aggregators, and more that provides on-chain activity or track data.

Not for website building tools.

  • Any serious builder will get designs and templates from professional web builders.

Thirdly, Website Tool =/= Blockchain, it’s a total different category

The FOXCreator proposal makes sense if you are pitching to a “non-blockchain related forum” but it isn’t blockchain related. It’s like McDonald’s promoting burgers at the LVMH boutiques.

Let’s be objective and factual:

  1. What distinguishes your website tool from those of professional website creators?
  2. How does a website tool provide any on-chain benefit for the FX Ecosystem?
  3. The unique features of your ‘state-of-the-art’ platform
  4. Wouldn’t any serious builders get professional website templates instead?

The main point is that it’s not related to blockchain or the Function X ecosystem.

I love that you are coming up with new ideas.

  • But it’s a general website tool that is available everywhere.

Hi Loil,

First of all, I want to congratulate the team on its achievements so far.

I have several comments on your proposal:

  1. I personally disagree if you want to allocate the FX from tranche 1 as liquidity. The term to unlock the FX has been agreed upon previously, and I think we need to keep it that way.
    The NFT community and artists are very important to the NFT marketplace, so I think we need to stick to the agreed terms.

  2. Also, to keep the proposal consistent, I believe if there is another request, I prefer the project to submit a new proposal. It will be more transparent as well. All the voters for the previous proposal voted based on the details stated in the proposal.

Thank you.



thanks for your feedback.

The idea behind the Foxcreator NFT Projectbuilder was not to develop the wheel completely new. It was more to enhance the community or artists to launch their NFT project in a convenient way to the FX Ecosystem without the knowledge of coding.

  1. What distinguishes your website tool from those of professional website creators?

We are currently developing it and there are three plans to book.
-Basic, (free of charge) (including FOXGAMING brand marks, not recommended for professional projects)
-Premium without brand marks
-Individual, where customers can order from our team a custom-made homepage.

  1. The website tool will provide very few direct transactions to the blockchain itself. (Token transfer for payment, deployment of contracts). The projects created over the tool will and might bring the NFT Community on FX to another level.

  2. Integration of multiple smart contracts and auto-deployment like plug&play.

  3. Yes, and therefore we have our “Individual” plan as mentioned on 1.

Thanks, I try to build and of course not every idea might be a perfect one. But I still think it could help to build the NFT Community on FX. I hope for more feedback :slight_smile:

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Awesome reply @Fox_Coin!

Would love to feedbacks from the other community members as well on FoxCreator building a website tool. :pray:

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@indra thank you for your reply.

  1. I will do my best to negotiate with more artists and projects.

  2. Yes it would be of course a new stand-alone proposal.

Does is date to apply stocks on NFTs?

I have many stickers like this that i want to put with 5000 stocks to have everybody 1 of this with cheapest price on FXG

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@Aritz_Bahamonde sorry i don’t understand 5000 stocks ?

I want to upload my car sticker collection nfts and that there is an amount of 5000 of each one.

I would like to price FXG as low as possible and strongly incentivize trading on the network to the highest level.

I believe he wants to use that picture with the quantity set to 5000 and the mint price set to FXG at the lowest amount possible.

So, like the MISSION WAGMI NFT, the community members can mint 5000 of that same image.



[i use google translator, my english level not good, jejeje]

You should be able to create a collection already.

But 5000 per sticker is a really high and Inflationed amount for the community which has aroun 100-200 people.

Either start with like 50 per sticker or wait until the community is bigger.

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With 5,000 cards out of 200, there are many possible transfers per day. I would encourage anyone in the community to buy quite a few cheap ones at a time creating volume. I would encourage you to buy several duplicates to give to friends, close people in the community or the twitter community as marketing.

if you have 5000 of each, the market will be saturated and not one single piece will be traded

that will result in zero transactions actually

you have to create value to bring people to trade and transfer… with making it immeasurably cheap it just will be trash and no one will take or use it

I want to make a collection of cars like stickers with which whoever has 3 or 4 stickers will want all the new ones that look different.

its really nice if you think about helping to raise transactions etc… but if a nft comes without any value, then it will not be used and will be helping nothing… you should look into working nft projects and think about a strategy… just pumping it on the market wont do anything but waste your energy and your collection

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