NFT Marketplace - Discussion

Hi FX-Community,

I created a complete new thread for our marketplace and project. We use the proposal threat only for proposal informations.

Over the last week our team set up the server infrastructure and brought back our marketplace to live. 80% of the work is done and the should be completely live during next week.

@SCENE @indra @zaccheah @Peng

Let’s use this opportunity…as community.

I need some assistance on this project, therefore we are looking for:

  1. Community Admin/Manager
  2. Social Media Content Creator/Manager

Things I like to discuss with you:

@zaccheah / @indra : once we are back fully operational and the below topics are cleared you see any chance there will be a fair space to discuss further steps via nft / meme fund to secure the future of the next 3-4 years?

@allcommunity: I want to introduce some changes on our project and open a discussion.

  1. Exclude FXG token from marketplace for now.
    FXG will be future MEME-Token and currency for our INO platform.

  2. I am 100% owner of the project and i think about forming FoxGaming into a „DAO“ or complete open source project. Unfortunately I do not have any experience in creating either a DAO or open source project.

  3. @any NFT/MEME project or developer!!!
    Please contact me! We need to have external project on the marketplace to bring life on our platform and the nft ecosystem. We can host INO or airdrops( free mints)

What you think?


I will help you as community manager

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Hi @Fox_Coin !!

My 2 cents :

  1. FXG exclusion : I think you could earn better money by proposing services relying on $FX tokens (in addition to $FXG, and input them into an FX/FXG LP). You could offer NFTs based on $FX lotteries, burn $FXG tokens based on $FX NFT transaction fees, etc. There’s a whole tokenomics to be found around this to be autonomous.
  2. There are 2 things : open-source project if you want to get delivered from the long-term maintenance, but there’s got to be an incentive for devs to maintain it, whatever it is. Or you can just call for help to maintain it, still having “the last word on the repo”.
  3. You need to publicize this outside $FX, and look for meme/NFT producers (HUAHUA, etc.) the same way the $FX foundation did it. And also think about NFTs which are not just picture but much more !

There’s still a lot of work to be done though !


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@FrenchXCore thanks for your reply.

Going to answer it later once some more people joined our discussion. I want some more unfiltered opinion’s.


Marketplace is functional again. If you get any errors pls let me know!

@LKYBOB good point thx

where’s ya link brother, always fully promote.

Don’t expect everyone who see’s your posts knows what going on.

This is why PURSE fails a lot their either to cryptic or don’t attach links to all that’s connected & add other posts mix of material that has nothing to do with them on X.

My Logic is if your not getting any attention; no one understands what going on


This is Great feed back :pray:. Thank you, i hope we can keep this in mind moving forward.

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Meow @Fox_Coin, the marketplace is down right now.

also slipagge to buy problems and cannot to buy

…time to DYOR