No reward on fx-swap?

Hi there,

I’m experiencing an issue with two accounts farming on FX swap as they both show zero rewards. Any insights on this matter would be appreciated. Cheers.

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The issue has been acknowledged. Do give the devs some time to fix it.



We have added the remainder of the incentives to the contract. You can check the rewards again, thank you.

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Ok. Working again !
@indra , were the farming pools not containing incentives anymore ?

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Hi FrenchXCore,

The farms still contain the incentive, there are ~40% of requested amount left.

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Hello Fx community! Thrilled to see such great support here.

Just a thought—what about sharing this incentive with OSMO-FX on Osmosis? The toughest part is done; we’ve got one of the largest liquidity pools there. It seems like offering an incentive could attract new users. Anyone else share this view?

How about implementing a gateway on the FX-Swap website for farming on Osmosis?


I’d definitely like seeing the same incentive being applied to OSMO.
Also, I think incentives would deserved to be balanced between, ETH, USDT, OSMO, etc.
Right now, the liquidity pools incentives are unbalanced.
Maybe could the foundation put in a new proposal to increase those incentives ?


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