Notice of Removal of Trading Pairs


Attention: This announcement is general and may not apply to users in regions where the products and services mentioned are unavailable.

Subject: Delisting of Certain Trading Pairs in Preparation for MarginX 2.0 ALO Mainnet

Effective Date and Time: 11-12-2023 at 02:00 UTC / 10:00 GMT+8

Affected Trading Pairs:


Important Actions and Timelines:

• At the specified time and date, MarginX will automatically close users’ positions in these pairs.

• Concurrently, an automatic settlement will be conducted, and all pending orders on the affected cross and isolated trading pairs will be canceled.

• Subsequently, these pairs will be removed from the MarginX platform.

Additional Information:

• Users will retain the ability to trade other available pairs on MarginX.

• MarginX disclaims responsibility for any potential losses incurred due to these changes.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we continue to improve our platform.


Hello! I’m Sorry)
Do not quite understand. I would like to ask a couple of clarifying questions.
Will these pairs be completely removed, or what?
Does this not apply to the FX/USDT pair?
After delisting, only this one pair will remain available for trading!?
I will be grateful for answer!
Thank You)

Thanks for reaching out with your question. Here’s a quick update on the trading pairs and our platform’s evolution:

Transition to MarginX 2.0:

  • We’re moving from our V1 to the V2 trading platform (Mainnet). This shift means we’ll be delisting certain trading pairs from V1.

  • V1 Trading Platform (Live - Mainnet): Live Platform Link

  • V2 ALO Trading Platform (Testnet): Testnet Platform Link

What’s New in MarginX 2.0?

  • MarginX 2.0 introduces a decentralized approach to listing and market-making, using an Automated Market Maker (AMM) system for perpetual order books , termed “ALO.”

  • This system allows users to create perpetual markets with various liquidity forms, similar to Uniswap but for perpetual markets.

  • For detailed info, check out our GitBook.

Exciting Features:

  • With the mainnet launch, anyone can start/create a new liquidity pool for pairs like BTC, ETH, ATOM, AAPL, TSLA, token1, token2, token3… etc.

  • Everyone can add liquidity on any pairs created and let ALO do the work.

  • Traders can also continue to trade against these pools (just like V1 will be available as well).

Getting Started with ALO Testnet:

Hope this helps!

MarginX - Freedom to List Perpetuals!


Additional Updates on Trading Pair Removal and Platform Transition

Further Removal of Trading Pair:

  • In addition to the previously mentioned pairs, we will also be delisting the FX/USDT trading pair. This change will occur concurrently with the others on 11-12-2023 at 02:00 UTC / 10:00 GMT+8.

Sunsetting of MarginX V1 (Mainnet):

  • As we progress towards a more advanced and efficient trading experience with MarginX 2.0 ALO, we have decided to sunset the MarginX V1 (Mainnet) platform. This transition is a strategic move to focus our resources and provide our users with the best possible trading environment.

  • The sunsetting process will begin immediately following the removal of the specified trading pairs and will be completed in phases to ensure a smooth transition for all our users.

  • We encourage all users to finalize their activities on the V1 platform and prepare for the transition to MarginX 2.0.

What This Means for Users:

  • Users should close any open positions and withdraw any funds from the FX/USDT pair before the specified removal date.

  • We recommend users to familiarize themselves with the MarginX 2.0 platform, available on our testnet, to prepare for the upcoming changes.

Getting Started with ALO Testnet:

To learn how to use the ALO Testnet, take a look at our guide: ALO Testnet Guide [MarginX 2.0 ALO Testnet - Dive into the world of decentralized finance! | MarginX]

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this transition period. MarginX is committed to providing a superior trading experience, and these changes are a significant step towards that goal of Freedom to List Perpetuals!


Gentle Reminder:

Delisting of Trading Pairs and Transition to MarginX 2.0 ALO Mainnet

Delisting of Trading Pairs and Sunsetting of MarginX V1 in Preparation for MarginX 2.0 ALO Mainnet

Effective Date and Time:

11 December 2023 at 02:00 UTC / 10:00 GMT+8

Affected Trading Pairs:





More Info: Notice of Removal of Trading Pairs