Npxsxem proposal

Npxsxem holders should be allowed to swap to npxs before the swap to PR. I dont think its fair for Npxsxem holders to change the token to a rewards token to no value attached to it. I have been holding since ipo and hold both npxs and Npxsxem. There should be some kind of way to give Npxsxem holders some incentive.

Swapping npxsxem to pundix will increase the pundix token supply.
I don’t think it’s fair to pundix token holders who was holding NPXS tokens before.
If you have that complaint, go tell the NEM foundation why they abandoned the collaboration of pundix/NEM.

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Because PR comes from a coin of some sort of value it will probably give the PR some value, also gives your old coin an actual function and use case which will bring value to it as well, personally I can only see benefits to you as the PR will be sellable for other things of value or it’s purpose would be pointless, If you want PUNDIX sell it and change it to PUNDIX now before the change your self while you can, your not going to get any more waiting for someone else to do it for you, the price of PUNDIX is on a firm rise you already waisted 30% gains taking the time to complain over the last 2 days

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swap is technically not possible sind the supply is fixed. You have the possibility to swap it on an exchange or dex for another coin.

not only not fair… its against the code and code is law…