Please like Pundi X Official Youtube Videos

This is the Team’s official Youtube Channel.

For the sake of Youtube’s algorithm, i hope everyone can click every video and click the “Like” button which will help boost Pundi X’s youtube algorithm so it shows up on more people’s video feed.


Just click a video and click the like button. Do it for every video!

Also i SERIOUSLY EXTREMELY love this video of @zaccheah doing a live video on how a normal citizen can use their product in a real life scenario.

Do like the video so it can attract more eyes!

I just can’t wait for Pundi X / Function X to be mass-adopted. I wish the team can make more videos like these, EVEN if you guys have already done one in the past.

More videos of real-life usage of the XPOS is also a good thing and not a bad thing because people can spread multiple videos of a real-life scenario example to newer investors and not the same video everytime.

And especially if it comes from the CEO himself or any of the team members! Re-assurance and i’m sure it doesn’t cost any money except the time to make the video.


Also comment. Comments are very important for algorithm.

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Could we ask the telegram group moderators to post one video everyday in the groups and ask members to like/comment. This can be a free marketing.

Also, there should be Twitter/Instagram campaign with these video links and relevant crypto hashtags @Peko