Poll to merge categories Questions and Suggestions

This poll’s purpose is figuring out if this forum’s user base wishes to merge the questions and suggestions categories together into something called products (or suggest another name in this thread)

  • Yes, merge them
  • No, I don’t think it’s necessary

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Maybe merge into “faq & suggestions” as main categorie with subcategories “products” like xpos, fxwallet, pundix, fx, staking, etc.

In this way you can also build a good faq for users.

For now everything is stilll pretty clear, but when forum grows, i think a merge will add more clarity.


I don’t think FAQ is the same thing as suggestions.

But a faq / question can be created and into categories as @Jan suggested eg


XPOS questions
FXWallet questions
KYC questions
Etc etc

Suggestion can be categorised also into;

-XPOS suggestion
-new category proposal
Etc etc

The only draw backs imo would be the number of categories created within the forum, because pundix/fx has a lot of stuff, such as the image Rob is making now right now. And also with the new roadmap a lot more stuff will be added. But there isn’t a way around this, the ecosystem is vast and that’s a good thing.

The pros are they will be well-organised for future references.

Faq is universally known as a category or a guide of links etc, suggestion should imo should have it’s own section.

You as an admin can throw them into their respective sections if not correct. We all can help and get this badboy smooth and clean as possible. We have a bunch of sensible people here too.

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My proposal is to merge “questions and suggetions” as a new main category, and create another main category called “products”.

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maybe leave them enter under questions or suggestion’s but have a range of category tab’s you can nominate 1 or 2 to link them to products or services to group the info to about only 4 category’s but if it tags 2 category’s the info is listed in both