We now have confirmation of the Portland trailblazers associating itself with StormX.

But the moda center may not have crypto acceptance ready for all merchants and. Vendors.

Next week I am going to walk in the front doors and speak with someone to present the idea of using XPOS.

I need tips, recommendations, or any ideas you may have to make this successful


Do you have a XPOS? There is nothing better than physical demonstrations when it comes to selling. Especially with a uneducated target audience.


I do have an XPOS. No kyc verification

How badly does that limit it? Can you still demonstrate the basic functions?

My goal would be to run a demo of how it works to sell the value.

Without kyc I am unable to complete transactions using any crypto. Cash works. PayPal would work. I am unable to get Apple Pay or google play to work via PayPal.

So demonstrating is limited unless PundiX was able to do something for these purposes.

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I do not like how difficult KYC verification is. Pundix should do a different verification for individuals.

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Hence the decentralized coming soon.