PR reward and swap

What is the pr award? pr swap pundix or pr swap usdt

Please read more about the PR reward token here: Request for Comment: Pundi X Reward Token (Project name ‘PR’)


Thank you.

Do you know the stake end date?

June 15th staking ends

Rewards will be calculated until last second of June 15th, so if you want to obtain all of them you should claim your first 5% rewards and redem your tokens staked next day (June 16th).

@zaccheah also implied that if we do not reach the staking pool target on the 15th they could leave the contract open to reach the 20% goal with some further incentives for the remaining whales to close it out.

I would expect the Redeem option to be available for a while in any case… Some clarity on how long we have to redeem would be nice as well Zac.

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Agree, so close and so far at the same time…

Could be possible to do a marketing campaign from FunctionX team and all of us together?? To inform people who have FX to stake it and gave them and all the people who staked before a good reward (more APY) or the possibility to win a lottery or a special NFT…

I don’t know we have to push this to 100%, what do you think??

There are enough tokens by far from several big wallets that have already put coins into the stake.

Hope these two will step up!

Could this be exchange wallets?

Iv’e claimed and restaked some fx during time.
My complete bag is in staking pool now.

There are also a lot of pundix stakers.
If the 20% is just not reached, maybe the fx staking contract can stay open for, lets say 1 extra week, so pundix stakers can add their fx rewards in the fx pool.