$PR Token Question

The article mentioned that PUNDIX holders will be rewarded with $PR token based on how much PUNDIX is held in ERC20 wallet from June 21st. So that means if I am holding tokens on exchange or FX Wallet, I won’t get the tokens?

If you are holding tokens on f(x)wallet you will get reward tokens, because it is non-custodial wallet, you own your keys, but if you hold on exchange (binance, kucoin or other) you will not get rewards. For more detailed info please read this article → Request for Comment: Pundi X Reward Token (Project name ‘PR’) | by Zac Cheah | Pundi X | Medium


Yes you need you own Key( Own self managed Wallet) for the Reward best way use Fxwallet. But your Exchange can get the PR token. but you have not Control of this. Because this best way hold on Fxwallet. Not your key not your coins.

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how good is it to keep tokens in Xwallet?

Better to keep in f(x) wallet as the fees are much less to transfer, etc

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initial distribution of $ PR, will it apply to balance sheets in Xwallet?